Coronavirus, over 1,500 reports of gatherings for nightlife


the lowest figure for two and a half months. As of March 10, there was no such record. Yesterday, only 18 new cases of coronavirus positivity in Lazio. A trend that stands at 0.2%. Another 65 healed people bring the total to 3,350. In the capital, only five are infected with Covid, while in the Roman province nine. Two people fell ill in Frosinone and two in Rieti, none in Latina and Viterbo. Seven patients admitted to the Covid center in Palidoro del Bambino Ges where, from February to today, approximately 5,000 suspected cases have been evaluated.

There are 676 patients who died from Covid in Lazio. Three who have not made it in the last 24 hours, to which are added four other late notified. A 97-year-old woman who came from the Rsa Sn Raffaele di Rocca di Papa and a 72-year-old man both died in the ASL Roma 6. The third case was an 85-year-old from Latina. No deaths in Rome city. For weeks, there have been no admissions of Covid patients to the emergency room and the epidemiological investigation of health personnel has now ended. So from Thursday, at San Giovanni for private citizens, it will be possible to undergo serological tests. This is the first hospital in Rome that activates this service and will do so with the tariff of 15.23 euros: that is, the discounted price recommended by the Lazio Region to private centers authorized to search for Covid antibodies.

Burst of checks from Friday evening and yesterday also throughout the day to avoid gatherings and gatherings. In particular, the municipal police carried out over 8 thousand interventions, 1,500 of which precisely for reports of groups and groups of young people outside bars and restaurants, or even in the square and in the alleys of the nightlife districts. About 700 people have been identified as well as 2 thousand checks in premises and shops for compliance with anti-crowding rules. To these are added the checks carried out by patrols of city police in public parks. About sixty violations were found, half of which – with the six fines made by the state police at Ponte Milvio – precisely to people who did not want to respect the safety distances despite the agents’ invitations to leave or in any case to keep a meter away from other people. Other penalties for merchants who did not respect the same principle within their stores. Finally, fines of 25 to 500 euros for those who abandon masks and gloves on the street, on the sidewalks, in the parks and on the beaches of Rome. An ordinance provides for this which will remain in force until 30 July.

May 24, 2020 | 08:32


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