Coronavirus, only two patients at Covid Hospital in Civitanova Marche. Asl: “Another 7 will come”. But no current inpatient can be transferred. Ceriscioli: “Doctors called? Only way without volunteers”


When Wednesday evening at Covid Hospital of Civitanova Marche the second coronavirus-positive patient entered the hospitalization form intended for him there was certainly no risk of assembly. Forcing aside, on the first day of the “Zero Contagions” for the Marche (1 new positive only, right in the province of Macerata) in the evening the coordination group of the Gores Marche confirmed the arrival in the specialist center of the Fiera area of second patient. The initial plan, however, provided for the transfer, again on Wednesday, of a single patient from the Covid intensive care unit of the hospital of Camerino, who actually arrived the same day and was followed by a crowd of health workers dedicated to him. In short, a further arrival just for make sense to something that for many has little meaning: 82 intensive care beds, cost yourself a fortune (beyond € 8 million collected thanks to the offers, it will be said, therefore not on the back of the taxpayers), 80 empty and only 2 occupied by subjects affected by severe interstitial pneumonia triggered by Sars-Cov2.

The health summits of the province of Macerata they announce that by Monday, when the Covid hospital in Camerino will return to being ‘clean’ as they say in jargon, they will arrive in Civitanova another 7 patients in addition to those that will be collected elsewhere. None of this. In addition to the two already mentioned, one from intensive care and one from semi-intensive, at most a third will come, again from the semi-intensive of Camerino, according to health sources: “To activate that semi-empty box, anesthetists were hired by the hospitals of Camerino and Civitanova who will now start very slowly, given the already chronic staff shortages – explains a doctor from the Area Vasta 3 (that relating to the province of Macerata ed.) – Without them the operating rooms cannot work. ”

In late March, when the governor of the Marche, Luca Ceriscioli, announced the desire to create a Covid Hospital dedicated to the most serious cases, the goal was the ‘Project 100’: only intensive care beds and one hundred, not one less. Resuscitations were exploding, all 220 regional seats are full. At the time, such a facility would serve as bread: “Covid Hospital had to be ready in 20 days. It didn’t take the positivity and hospitalization of Guido Bertolaso immediately after the inspection in Ancona (last March 23, ed.). The engine of Covid Hospital – explains President Ceriscioli – has blocked a tested procedure and has made us lose more than a month. I chose him for what was planned at the Milan Fair in favor of the Lombardy Region. Bertolaso, a man on the right is a topic I don’t care much about. At the time it seemed the end, we no longer had intensive care beds and the managers of the Marche health care suggested building a dedicated hospital to deal with the emergency and have a structure ready for future pandemic threats. ” “Precepted healthcare personnel? – he continues – There were few volunteers, it was not possible to do otherwise. I know, it’s the worst way, but we have not reached an agreement with the unions. Too bad, we had also provided incentives that the failure of the negotiation canceled. ”

The times for the futuristic project, photocopy of the flop of the Fiera Hospital in Milan, have lengthened extremely. Two months have been lost, in the meantime the intensive care of the Marche has emptied and the Covid Hospital project has fallen to 82 beds. At the moment, taking a look at the intensive care that has remained active, the numbers seem to speak for themselves: in addition to the patients in Camerino, one remains in Jesi, three in San Benedetto and four in the regional hospital of Torrette in Ancona. Nobody at the momentunless changes to medical records are made, can be transferred, explain health sources. Those of Torrette, in particular, are almost all connected in Ecmo (extracorporeal oxygenation), therefore they should not even be touched. And then there is another not insignificant detail: “In practice, all inpatients of intensive care are no longer positive, Covid is no longer an emergency, the problems are other and dramatic and concern i lung damage, often irreversible “. Filippo (invented name so as not to make it recognizable) is one of the anesthesiologists in Area Vasta 3 (province of Macerata) virtually prescribed by Asur, the only regional health company, to cover the shifts of the “Spaceship”, as has been renamed the Covid Hospital of Civitanova. The resuscitator thoroughly knows his subject and knows what a patient needs in certain situations: “The cases transferred from Camerino to Covid in Civitanova could easily remain in place – he adds – there was no urgency to move them. We are talking about a sixty year old from Macerata, one of the last to arrive with bad pneumonia in mid-April, which has passed its critical phase and is recovering, hopefully confirmed over time. Same goes for the other, only the age changes, about eighty years, but even here there is no need to be moved. I did not volunteer – he says – so I am on the list of precepts, but I doubt that I, like many other colleagues, will be called to work in Civitanova, those who are enough for us and move forward “.

For the two patients admitted to Covid Hospitale, the ASUR has selected 7 anesthesiologists-resuscitators who, divided into three daily shifts, will take care of them. More or less half offered volunteers agreeing to temporarily move the workplace to the new structure, created thanks to the fundraising to be allocated to the Order of the Knights of Malta. Doctors will be assisted by nurses, auxiliaries, cleaners, technicians and so on. About forty health workers in all to take care of, at most, 3 patients. Following his instincts, in a stubborn and contrary direction to the broadcasts that came from everywhere, President Ceriscioli does not change his mind: “Repentant? He is joking, having inaugurated such a structure at no cost for the Marches is a source of great satisfaction. We look forward to the risk of a return pandemic and now we have healed the gap of 80 missing places in the Pandemic Plan Regional that was missing since 2007. If it does not serve between next autumn and winter in case of return of the Coronavirus, and we all hope so, we have several Plans B ready: as we have assembled it, all with interlocking panels, we unpack it and maybe we put it on its feet elsewhere, where and when it is needed ”.

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