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TORINO. As the hour of the verdict that will establish whether Piedmont will be able to reopen its borders from 3 June approaches, the obligation to wear a mask outdoors takes place throughout the territory. From tomorrow and until Tuesday, citizens will have to cover their noses and mouths every time they leave the house inside inhabited areas or in commercial areas. That is, in all places where it is difficult to guarantee compliance with the distance of one meter, which is essential to avoid the risk of spreading the virus. The only exempt from the obligation – which remains invalid while motor activity is taking place – are children under 6 years of age or those with disabilities or pathologies not compatible with the continuous use of the devices.

The president of the Cirio Region had been thinking about it for some time, at least since the opening of bars and restaurants rekindled the nightlife, which inevitably favored the gatherings. “We cannot militarize the city but we must intervene”, he reflected in recent days even more convinced after the images of the crowd for the tricolor arrows. And he did so, but leaving the mayors free hand: in small municipalities or in those with low population density, the obligation may not apply.

Yesterday the decision was formalized in an order that will be valid for five days, over the long weekend of June 2 which should be the prelude to another reconquest: the freedom to move between the regions. A decision tied to the ministry report card, which monitors the data on the infections. “With the prefectures, we thought it necessary to tighten up because we cannot frustrate the efforts of these months,” Cirio insists.

Meanwhile, to try to stem the obstacles in the distribution of the 200 thousand masks of the Region not yet arrived in the Turin area, the Municipality has decided to recruit 200 volunteers. They will receive badges, bibs and the number of devices to be delivered to each family.

Masks also mandatory outdoors, that’s what the Turin people think

Today they will have to appear at the headquarters of the circumscriptions “with bags or backpacks” because it is not certain that “bags to be used for the transport of the masks” are available. “In these start-up days – reads the email sent by Torino Spazio Pubblico to the volunteers – the delivery will take place on foot in the areas surrounding the district office. The other areas will be covered, with the addition of other volunteers, starting from June 3rd ». Therefore, those who still lacked it is better to equip themselves: those who do not comply with the obligation risk a fine of 400 euros.


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