Coronavirus, not only Burioni. The Marche discover land of virologists – Chronicle


Roberto Burioni, protagonist on TV in these months of Coronavirus (Ansa)
Ancona, 28 May 2020 – During the emergency Coronavirus the Marche have rediscovered the region of virologists: from Roberto Burioni of Pesaro a Guido Silvestri of Senigallia, up to Massimo Clementi by Jesi. They are highly popular experts from TV, social networks and newspapers. The fact that everyone appears convinced of thebackwardness of the virus it has now become almost a common feeling even at the level of simple Marche people.

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“There retreat Covid-19 continues undaunted, which makes us very happy. By now I have lost count of the consecutive days when the total number of ICU admissions falls, “he writes Silvestri in his “optimism pills”. And not even the return of the nightlife in the historical centers of Ancona, Fano, Pesaro and in the other places on the coast it has reduced their optimism: “We are now at day 23 since the reopening of May 4, and at day nine – says Guido Silvestri – from the more substantial one of May 18 and the shadow of the dreaded return of the virus is not seen. Numbers never lie. ”

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