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TORINO. Obligatory masks in Piedmont from Friday to Tuesday, inclusive, also outdoors. The governor Alberto Cirio and the prefect Claudio Palomba decided yesterday. The measure comes after the gatherings of the last few days, linked to the first weekend of nightlife, in Turin and not only, but also for the crowd that on Monday between the Gran Madre and Piazza Vittorio attended the performance of the Frecce Tricolori. The goal is not to leave the virus easy, without penalizing commercial activities further. This is why Turin continues in the pedestrianization plan for the benefit of the premises. Via Saluzzo, via Baretti and piazza Madama Cristina in San Salvario, Ponte Rossini sulla Dora and the long Po Cadorna, in the stretch above the Murazzi, will be involved. These are temporary interventions, which will only apply in the evening hours. Today a new meeting is scheduled with the District Presidents to close the game.

Then there is the issue of parks. Yesterday the Municipality took action to allow the activities to install or expand dehors also on the lawns. With the same mechanism as the rest of the city: those who administer and have an indoor area of ​​less than 250 square meters – that is, most of the kiosks – will be able to expand outdoors for 60 square meters. The rules remain: prohibition of impediment to mobility, prohibition of creating gatherings in or near the outdoor areas. The measure will be valid for all parks and gardens, but before the green light in the historical ones (Valentino, Tesoriera, Pellerina, Rignon) the favorable vote of the city council will be needed. For the latter, moreover, there will be a need for a preventive ok from the Green of the Municipality, while for the others (Colletta, Vallere, Sangone, Meisino and so on, for which a resolution of the Municipality is awaited) a self-certification will suffice. “It is an interesting initiative, it could have gone even further – comments Davide Ricca, president of Circoscrizione 8, where Valentino insists – Even if we could have discussed it before, the direction is right. It can be done in many areas, not just in historic parks. ” True: from the rest of the city, up to now, 650 applications have started from as many managers to install or expand dehors. Another 150 from the shops. Parallel track: the Municipality is again working on green points around the city, but here the times and rules are still being studied: we are talking about cultural and non-commercial activities or administration.

Meanwhile, after the controversy over the gatherings of the first nightlife scene, exhibitors will organize a flash mob next Friday, to appeal to the sense of responsibility of the young people of Turin. “We will meet from 19 to 20 in Piazza Vittorio, the Quadrilatero and in Piazza Santa Giulia – says Fulvio Griffa, provincial president of Fiepet – We need everyone’s collaboration: we have to make it clear what is at stake”. That is to say compliance with the anti Covid rules to avoid another fatal lockout for most of the premises.

The flash mob will serve to launch the Confesercenti campaign for a sustainable nightlife: posters will be hung up in every activity to invite patrons to behave in the right way. “The alternative is a return to the blocks or to more rigid time restrictions – explains Giancarlo Banchieri, president of Confesercenti Turin – Health is at stake, but also the future of hundreds of businesses and thousands of jobs”.


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