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Today’s news from Italy and the world on the emergency for the coronavirus pandemic

It will be decided in June on the displacements between regions, with the government waiting for the data of the curve of the infections that will arrive tomorrow. Another 78 coronavirus deaths yesterday, at least since March 2; one positive for 145 swabs. Comforting data also from the second day of national investigation for serological tests, from now on also in Rome. School: the CTS opposes the return to the classroom for the last day of the year.

2.00 pm – Police checks, yesterday 357 sanctioned people

Police forces engaged in verifying compliance with Coronavirus contagion containment measures yesterday checked 113,461 people and 34,590 businesses. According to the data disclosed by the Interior Ministry, there were 357 people sanctioned administratively, those reported for declaring false 4 and those reported for violating the quarantine 4. There were 24 sanctioned exhibitors, the closure measures 4.

1.45 pm – In Africa the number of infections rises to 118 thousand

Coronavirus cases in Africa have risen to 118,000. This was stated by the WHO office on the continent. 48,000 have been healed and 3,500 have died from Covid-19. Although the virus on the continent has not had at least the disastrous impact that was feared to date, its consequences on Africa’s economy and resources could be devastating. The UN has warned in particular about the risk of famines in the western part of the continent where people living in food insecurity could double and reach 43 million in the next six months.

12.30 – Italy 172 billion of the EU Recovery Fund

The largest portion of the recovery fund proposed by the European Commission goes to Italy. Of the € 750 billion expected – € 500 billion in aid and € 250 in loans – which represent an unprecedented turn according to Commissioner for Economic Affairs Paolo Gentiloni, the Italian package amounts to € 172.7 billion, € 81.807 billion in aid and € 90.9 million in loans. Prime Minister Conte stresses that Italy must be ready with a strategic plan for the appointment and illustrates seven key actions for recovery, including digital incentives, tax reform and investments. European stock markets accelerate on the European stimulus package, the spread decreases to 190, the lowest level since 7 April.

11.30 am – New outbreak in South Korea

New wave of contagions in South Korea, with 49 new cases emerging in the last 24 hours and the birth of a new outbreak in a huge Bucheon wholesale goods storage warehouse, not far from Seoul, to which at least 36 of they, according to the South Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC), cited by the Yonhap agency. The media reports that 3,600 swabs were made of the warehouse staff. “We are afraid of infections in communities and keep an eye on the situation,” said the health minister.

11.20 am – WHO: “Latin America the new epicenter of the pandemic”

Latin America has become the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. This is the alarm raised by the WHO regional director, Carissa Etienne. “There is no doubt that our region has become the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said stressing that “this is not the time to relax restrictions or scale back prevention strategies.”

11.10 am – Free serological test for all inhabitants of Moscow

All Moscow residents can now carry out the test for the detection of coronavirus antibodies free of charge in 30 polyclinics in the capital. Deputy mayor Anastasia Rakova said so. “All Muscovites can take the free test for antibodies, immunoglobulin M and immunoglobulin G, against coronavirus infection,” he said. The test allows you to find out both the ongoing asymptomatic infection and whether it has been addressed in the past. Tass reports it.

11.00 am – In Russia 161 dead in 24 hours

There are 8,338 new cases of coronavirus detected in Russia in the last 24 hours, down from 8,915 yesterday and 8,946 Monday. The total number of infections thus officially rises to 370,680, which makes Russia the third country in the world after the United States and Brazil. There have been 161 deaths in the last 24 hours, a figure slightly lower than 174 on the previous day, which was the record, and the official figure of deaths rises to 3,968. The healed in the last 24 hours are 11,079 instead. This was reported by the Russian anticoronavirus operations center. According to the Russian news agency Interfax, the transmissibility index Rt is below 1, and to be precise at 0.97, while in Moscow it has dropped to 0.85.

10.45 am – France forbids treatment with hydrochlorine

France bans hydrochloroquine for the treatment of coronavirus. Following the negative opinions delivered yesterday by the Public Health Committee and the Paris Medicines Agency – followed in turn by the findings of the WHO and the Lancet magazine which pointed the finger at the ineffectiveness and risks of the contested drug strongly defended by Professor Didier Raoult – Paris has repealed the decree authorizing hydrocholoroquine in the treatment of coronavirus.

10.30 am – Zingaretti: “Free serology with low incomes”

“I believe that at least for some income brackets it would be right for serological tests to be free. In the meantime it would be important for the government to define an average reference price. We in Lazio have done so: € 15.70 to avoid speculation”. The secretary of the Democratic Party and President of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti, said this to Mi manda Rai Tre.

10.15 am – Escort to the Lombard governor Fontana

The Prefecture of Varese has placed the president of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana under escort for the threats received in relation to the management of the coronavirus emergency. The news, anticipated by the ‘Press’, is confirmed to AGI by his lawyer Jacopo Pensa who is preparing a dossier to be presented to the Prosecutor on the disparaging sentences received by his client, especially on social media. Among these, also expressions such as “you deserve to die”. Also worthy of mention is the mural in Milan where he is qualified as a “killer”.

8.15 am – United States under 700 dead in one day

For the third consecutive day, the United States recorded less than 700 deaths per day for Covid-19, according to the Johns Hopkins University count: 657 people died in 24 hours in the country, for a total of 98,902 deaths. The total cases of contagion in the US are currently 1,680,680.

8.10 am – In Brazil 1,039 others died in the last 24 hours

There are now nearly 400,000 coronavirus cases in Brazil. The data confirmed in the last hours by the Ministry of Health speak of 16,324 new cases ascertained and 1,039 deaths in 24 hours. The toll, from the beginning of the health emergency, thus rises to 391,222 infections and 24,512 deaths due to the pandemic in the country with almost 210 million inhabitants. Brazil is the second country in the world by number of infections after the United States.

8.05 am – Over 43 thousand “professional” infections, 171 dead

43,399 infections from new Coronavirus of professional origin reported to INAIL between the end of February and May 15, about six thousand more than the 37,352 of the detection of May 4. There are 171 cases of mortal infections recorded in the same period, 42 more than in the previous monitoring, and about half of them concern health and social care personnel, with health technicians and doctors in first place among the categories most affected.

8.00 am – Over 5.5 million infections and 350 thousand deaths worldwide

Worldwide, over 350,000 coronavirus deaths have been exceeded. It is clear from the Johns Hopkins University tally that there have been 350,456 deaths and 5,589,932 Covid-19 cases so far. The World Health Organization yesterday warned that the new epicenter is Latin America which has overtaken both Europe and the United States with 2.4 million infections and over 143,000 deaths.

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