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The latest updates from Italy and the world on the Covid-19 emergency.

10.50 am – The crazy night of Naples

Traffic blocked until 4 in the morning, gatherings and bivouacs, shouts, fights between young people and residents exasperated to film everything. Those who found themselves near the Naples waterfront last night for the first Saturday post lockdown speak of “collective madness”. Thousands of people, even without a mask, poured into the street, on foot or by car, with the sidewalks used as preferential lanes for cars and motorcycles, despite the nightlife venues respecting the closing time at 11pm.

10.30 am – Summer centers open before June 15th

Summer camps can also start before June 15 “based on the evaluation of the epidemiological data. Veneto will start from June 1, for example, and Emilia Romagna will leave from 8. Local authorities will have 185 million to organize educational activities, families will be able to use babysitting vouchers to pay for summer camps “. This was underlined by the Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Elena Bonetti family in an interview with the Messenger.

10 am – Tomorrow off to serological tests

Ministry of Health and Istat, with the collaboration of the Italian Red Cross, starting tomorrow will launch a seroprevalence investigation of the SarsCoV2 virus infection to understand how many people in our country have developed antibodies to the new coronavirus, even in the absence of symptoms . The test will be performed on a sample of 150 thousand people residing in two thousand municipalities, distributed by sex, activity and six age classes. The results of the survey, disseminated anonymously and in aggregate form, can also be used for other scientific studies and for comparative analysis with other European countries. “In order to obtain reliable and useful results, it is essential that the people selected for the sample join – Istat points out in a note -. Participating is not mandatory, but knowing the epidemiological situation in our country serves each of us “. The selected people will be contacted by telephone by the regional centers of the Italian Red Cross to schedule an appointment for blood collection in one of the selected laboratories. The withdrawal can also be performed at home if the subject is fragile or vulnerable. At the time of contact, you will also be asked to answer a specific questionnaire prepared by Istat, in agreement with the Scientific and Technical Committee.

9 am – Brazil, another 16,000 infected

It is always Brazil, the second country in the world after the United States for the number of infected people, to guide the rise of the coronavirus pandemic in Latin America where in the last 24 hours the confirmed cases of infection have reached 702,819, of which 38,748 have died. This is what emerges today from a statistic elaborated on the basis of the known data of 34 between Latin American nations and territories. The South American giant accumulated another 16,500 patients with Covid-19 in one day totaling 347,398, and almost 1,000 new deaths, at 22,013. At a distance, for the second and third places, there are Peru (115.754 and 3373) and Chile (65.393 and 673). Followed by Mexico with more than 5,000 cases (62,527 and 6989), Ecuador (36,258 and 3096), Colombia (19,131 and 682), the Dominican Republic (14,422 and 458), Panama (10,267 and 295), Argentina ( 10,649 and 439) and Bolivia (5,579 and 230).

9 am – NY Times honors the victims

As the United States approaches 100,000 coronavirus deaths, the New York Times has decided to publish the names and short obituaries of a thousand victims on the front page of Sunday in order to mark a milestone in the history of the epidemic. “A thousand people represent only one percent of the total death toll – explains the newspaper in a brief introduction on the page entirely occupied by the text -. None of them were just a number. ” “Joe Diffie, 62, Nashville, Grammy-winning country music star” – reads one of them – and “Lila A. Fenwick, 87, New York City, first black woman who graduated from Harvard Law School”. Also: “Myles Coker, 69, New York City, freed from prison life”, “Ruth Skapinok, 85, Roseville, California, the birds of the courtyard loved to eat from his hand” and “Jordan Driver Haynes, 27, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, generous young man with a delightful smile. ” “I wanted something that people could look at in 100 years to understand the extent of what we are experiencing,” explained national editor Marc Lacey.

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