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The date of June 3 for the resumption of travel between regions in Italy remains confirmed. Yesterday 516 new cases, 87 died. The ISS certifies that there is no longer any critical situation. In almost all regions, the infection rates are below 1 and new cases are decreasing. However, there is no Italy in the list of the 25 countries to which Greece will reopen its doors from 15 June.

9.40 am – In India 8,000 new cases and 265 deaths

India has recorded 8,000 new coronavirus cases and 265 deaths in one day. The BBC reports it. This is the highest contagion increase in 24 hours for the continent since the start of the pandemic. More than a third of the newly infected are found in the state of Maharashtra, one of the wealthiest. To date, India has recorded 173,763 Covid-19 cases and 4,980 victims.

9.20 am – From 3 June go-ahead to 7 million Italians on vacation

Green light to 7 million Italians who choose the month of June to go on vacation which this year will be almost entirely Made in Italy, also for the constraints placed at the borders by many traditional destinations such as Greece. This is what emerges from an analysis by Coldiretti in reference to the freedom of trespassing between regions starting from June 3. Hope – Coldiretti points out – is placed on 40% of Italians who preferred travel abroad and who this year could decide, by force or conviction, to stay in the Belpaese according to ENIT. An opportunity for national tourism after it lost 81 million tourists in the lockdown.

8.20 am – Latin America towards 1 million infections and 50 thousand deaths

In the last 24 hours, the increase in infections (923,878, +45,000) and deaths (48,508, +1,900) due to the coronavirus pandemic that is reaching its peak in Latin America has remained very intense. This is what emerges from a statistic elaborated by Ansa on the basis of data concerning 34 Latin American countries and territories. Brazil is always leading the phenomenon with its 465,166 infected (+27,000) and 27,878 deaths (+1,100), followed by Peru where the people who contracted Covid-19 are now 148,285 (+5,500) of which 4,230 died , and from Chile which has 90,638 infected and 944 dead. Among the countries with more than 5,000 cases of Covid-19, Mexico stands out 4 / o for infections (81,400) but 2 / o for fatal victims (9,044), ahead of Ecuador (38,571 and 3,334), Colombia (26,688 and 853) , Dominican Republic (16.531 and 488), Argentina (15.419 and 520), Panama (12.131 and 320) and Bolivia (8.387 and 293).

8.15 am – In the USA 1,225 deaths in one day, towards 103 thousand

Another 1,225 deaths from coronavirus have been reported in the US in the past 24 hours, worsening the overall toll to 102,798 deaths. The number of US infections has reached 1.75 million out of 5.9 million worldwide.

8.10 am – In the USA hydroxychloroquine mania

Medical prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine, the antimalarial that President Donald Trump said he took as a preventive treatment against coronavirus, rose by 214%, although many doctors questioned its effectiveness. It emerges from an analysis published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The number of medical prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine rose from 2,208 in a week in March 2019 to 45,858 from 15 to 21 March, according to data collected by Brigham and Womens’s Hospital in Boston, the Veteran’s Administration Healthcare System and GoodRx. In France, hydroxychloroquine was banned against Covid and the World Health Organization also advised against its use. (

8.05 am – Merkel declines Trump invitation “for the pandemic”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has for now refused the invitation of the American President Donald Trump to participate in the G7 at the end of June in the White House. “To date, considering the overall situation of the pandemic (coronavirus, editor’s note), he cannot grant his personal participation for a trip to Washington,” writes Politico, quoting German government spokesman Steffen Seibert. Trump said there would be no “bigger example of the reopening” than holding a summit in person in the US.

8.00 am – In Brazil 1,124 deaths in one day

Fourth consecutive day with over a thousand Covid-19 deaths in Brazil: 1,124 have been killed in the last 24 hours. Which bring the balance in the South American country to 27,878, the fifth highest in the world after the United States, Great Britain, Italy and France. The Ministry of Health reveals it. The number of new infections is also very high: 26,928, for a total of 465,166 cases confirmed since the start of the pandemic.

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