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Today’s news on the coronavirus emergency from Italy and the world

The latest updates from Italy and the world on the Covid-19 pandemic.

8.35 am – China: no new cases

China does not report new coronavirus cases or other deaths from the pandemic. The official toll remains at 82,995 infections with 1,734 ‘imported’ cases and 4,634 deaths. Health authorities speak of four patients hospitalized in conditions considered serious and 78,291 people recovered. The National Health Commission also reported 70 people still being treated after contracting the infection and five suspected cases, one of which could be a local transmission case. Among the ‘imported’ cases, 46 people are hospitalized.

8.30 am – Boom in South Korea, limited attendance at school

South Korea, which has had to reintroduce restrictions after a leap in coronavirus infections, has imposed restrictions on the number of pupils in schools in the Seoul metropolitan area, where half of the national population lives. Only one in three children a day, in kindergartens, in elementary and middle school, will be physically present in the classroom, while the rest will teach remotely, the authorities said. Schools had gradually started to reopen in a process that is continuing at the national level; yesterday, however, the country recorded the greatest increase in infections on a daily basis (79) in almost two months. Today, new registered cases have dropped to 58.

8.25 am – New acceleration in Latin America

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated again in the last 24 hours in Latin America, reaching 878,263 infections (+45,000) and 46,639 deaths (+1,900). This is what emerges today from a statistical processing carried out by the Ansa on the basis of data concerning 34 Latin American countries and territories. Brazil is the country that worries the most, with its 438,238 infections (+27,000) and 26,754 deaths (+1,200), followed by Peru where the infected have grown significantly, reaching 141,779 (+6,000), of which 4,099 dead , and from Chile which also records a surge of infected to 86,943 (+ 4,700). Among the countries with more than 5,000 cases of Covid-19, Mexico 4 / o stands out for contagions (78,023) but second for fatal victims (8,597), preceding Ecuador (38,471 and 3,313), Colombia (25,366 and 822), Dominican Republic (16.068 and 485), Argentina (13.933 and 501), Panama (11.728 and 315) and Bolivia (7.768 and 280).

8.20 am – Container of one million masks seized

Over one million personal protective equipment does not comply with European and national legislation on the safety of products discovered by the Financiers of the Provincial Command of Rome in a warehouse located in the Prenestino district. The Yellow Flames of the 3rd Metropolitan Operational Unit, coordinated by the Prosecutor of the Capitoline Republic, have monitored the supply channels of the economic operators who have recently suffered similar seizures, going back to a company attributable to two Chinese citizens, in whose warehouse it is A container containing surgical masks from the People’s Republic of China was found, hidden behind two pallets of clothing. Some unduly bore the CE mark, while others lacked the prescribed self-declaration to be sent to the Istituto Superiore della Sanità and INAIL for the attestation of the technical characteristics and compliance with the safety requirements. The two managers will have to answer before the Judicial Authority for crimes of commercial fraud, receiving stolen goods and selling counterfeit products.

8.15 am – India overtakes China by death

In India, 4,706 coronavirus victims were reached, more than confirmed in China (here 4,634), 175 more than yesterday. This is what is read in the bulletin issued by the Indian health authorities, while the total number of people infected has risen to 165,799. In the last 24 hours there has been a record increase in cases of Covid-19 in India, 7,467 more than yesterday, or the highest figure of confirmed infections in a single day in the country.

8.10 am – In the United States 1,297 deaths in the last 24 hours, over 100 thousand

In the United States, the first country in the world by number of infections due to the coronavirus pandemic, at least 1,297 deaths were registered in 24 hours. Data from Johns Hopkins University speak of 101,617 deaths since the beginning of the health emergency. In total, 1,721,750 cases of Covid-19 are reported in the US. The state of New York, as emerges from the data reported by the CNN, remains the most affected with 366,733 cases and 29,529 deaths.

8.05 am – In Brazil 1,156 others died in one day

There are 1,156 deaths from Covid-19 registered in the last 24 hours in Brazil. This was revealed by the Ministry of Health, specifying that the total death toll rises to 26,754. The number of new infections is also high: 26,417, for a total of 411,821. The ministry reports that 4,200 other fatal cases are under investigation to see if they were caused by Covid-19.

8.00 am – Alarm in California, record of infections

The alarm goes off again in California where the highest number of new cases of contagion was recorded daily, well 2,617 in 24 hours. The previous peak had been that of May 5 with 2,603 ​​cases. In total, there are over 101,000, 3,973 victims in the state.

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