Coronavirus, new cases stable but still 156 victims in 24 hours. The number of inpatients continues to fall: they are less than 10 thousand


I’m 228006 the total infected for the coronavirus in Italy, with an increase compared to yesterday by 642, according to the latest bulletin of the Civil protection. A figure that remains fairly stable compared to that recorded 24 hours ago, when there were 665 new confirmed cases and which slightly decreases the contagion trend until 0.28%. Also the number of victims that have been on the last day anyway 156compared to 161 yesterday. In total the dead rise thus to 32486.

However, the number of currently positive which now stands at 60960, 1,792 less than yesterday, when the drop had been 2,377. A decrease due in part to those who return negative to the virus: they rose to 134,560 i healed and the resigned, with an increase compared to yesterday of 2,278. On Wednesday the increase had been 2,881.

And the number of hospitalized people drops: 640 patients are currently in intensive care, 36 less than yesterday. The sick hospitalized with symptoms are instead 9,269, with a drop of 355 compared to yesterday, while those in home isolation there are 51,051, with a drop of 1,491 in 24 hours. Thus, it falls below 10 thousand the number of hospitalized.

THE swabs 3,243,398 carried out, 71,679 more than yesterday. Instead, 2,078,860 people are tested. The ratio between tests performed and identified cases is 0.9%, one patient per 111.6 swabs (considering also repeated tests on already tested subjects, generally around 40%).

There Lombardy is the only region of Italy to score a increase of currently positive coronavirus: the increase compared to yesterday is 44 patients. In the Region there is also just under 50% of today’s total infected (316 out of 642) while over 50% of the 156 victims are recorded between Lombardy (65) and Piedmont (24).

The Civil Protection data also shows that they are eight regions that do not register victims: Molise, Basilicata, Calabria, Aosta Valley, Umbria, Sicily, Puglia and Trentino Alto Adige. Finally, in Calabria and in the autonomous province of Bolzano, there are no new infected people.

Lombardy, stable number of infections: better case-buffer ratio since April 1st
I’m 316 the new positives in Lombardy for a total of 86,901 cases in the region, with 14,702 swabs carried out. The latest bulletin from the region says so. A figure that remains stable compared to yesterday, when the new positives had been 294, but with fewer buffers: 11,508. The number of inpatients continues to decrease intensive care (226, -5) and in other departments (4,119, -162). THE dead total 15,727, with 65 new deathsjust like yesterday.

Then the relationship between swabs carried out and positive cases in Lombardy: with today’s data it attests to 2.1%, the lowest since April 1st. Of the 316 new positives ascertained with 14,702 swabs, 83 are in the province of Milan, (38 in Milan city), 48 in that of Bergamo and 77 in that of Brescia, which remain the three areas of Lombardy most affected by the coronavirus.

The other Regions: the infections
In detail, the currently positive are 26,715 in Lombardy (+44), 8,710 in Piedmont (-441), 4,926 in Emilia Romagna (-172), 3,286 in Veneto (-246), 1,877 in Tuscany (-240), 2,075 in Liguria (-103), 3,637 in Lazio (-149), 1,832 in Marche (-142), 1,373 in Campania (-69), 66 in the Autonomous Province of Trento (-60), 1,839 in Puglia (-63), 1,522 in Sicily (-1), 578 in Friuli Venezia Giulia (-18), 1,272 in Abruzzo (-45), 250 in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano (-22), 61 in Umbria (-5), 318 in Sardinia (-13), 43 in Valle d’Aosta (-3), 326 in Calabria (-27), 60 in Basilicata (-13), 194 in Molise (-4).

The other Regions: the victims
As for the victims, in Lombardy there are 15,727 (+65), Piedmont 3,742 (+24), Emilia-Romagna 4,025 (+17), Veneto 1,841 (+9), Tuscany 1,004 (+6), Liguria 1,397 (+11), Lazio 662 (+15), Marche 990 (+3), Campania 403 (+2), Autonomous Province of Trento 455 (+0), Puglia 478 (+0), Sicily 268 (+0), Friuli Venezia Giulia 323 ( +1), Abruzzo 391 (+2), Autonomous Province of Bolzano 291 (+0), Umbria 74 (+0), Sardinia 127 (+1), Valle d’Aosta 143 (+0), Calabria 96 (+0 ), Basilicata 27 (+0), Molise 22 (+0).

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