Coronavirus, Musumeci assures: “Sicily closed until June 7, we will ask for certificate to those who arrive”


“With my heart I would open the island to tourists as early as June 7th. But with the reason I say: we await the national epidemiological data that is about to arrive and on the basis of this we decide. But all together, regional presidents and government, we must confront and believe that we will do it on Saturday. ” The president of the Sicilian region, Nello Musumeci, says it in an interview with ‘il messaggero’. “We cannot start the new phase in a leopard-spot logic – adds the governor -. We need a responsibility shared by all”.Musumeci also insists on a sort of health passport for those arriving. The Region is developing a “protocol to guarantee the health security and social tranquility of those who arrive in Sicily and those who live in Sicily. We are working to develop this document that will give everyone peace of mind – says Musumeci -. those who arrive will ask for guarantees on the state of health, information on the family situation regarding diseases and viruses and other news. It is necessary to filter, who respects everyone and without discriminating, those who come to us “.
Then the Sicilian governor also replied to the mayor of Milan Beppe Sala who had criticized the idea of ​​the health aid for the Lombards: “His friend Sala made an unhappy joke. But if he wants to come on holiday to Sicily, with much pleasure. we will ask for no license. Not even that of the car … “, says the remote response to the mayor of Milan who yesterday criticized the choice of Sicily and Sardinia asking for a sort of ‘health license’. “It seems to me an exaggeration – he says. It is not that all the inhabitants of Lombardy or Emilia are carriers of viruses but a minimum of prudence is needed. Sala knows well the sense of welcome of us islanders”.

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