Coronavirus, movida and gatherings in Padua and Palermo. PHOTO


With the reopening of bars and restaurants, many returned to crowd the city centers, in some cases raising doubts and controversies about the failure to comply with the safety rules. The president of Veneto Zaia and the mayor of Palermo Orlando ready to “close”. Police chief Franco Gabrielli in a circular to the Quaestors: “Ensure the ban on gathering”

With the loosening of the lockdown throughout Italy and the reopening of bars and night clubs, while respecting the anti-coronavirus rules (LIVE UPDATES – THE SPECIAL – GRAPHICS), many have returned to crowd the city centers. The images, often taken by the citizens themselves and disseminated on social networks, in some cases, however, aroused perplexity and controversy due to the absence of masks and reduced interpersonal distances. This is what happened, for example, in Padua, where the president of Veneto Luca Zaia said he was ready to “close everything” and launched the idea of ​​a “spot” on the rules to follow during happy hours. Assemblies also in Palermo, with the equally harsh reaction of the mayor Leoluca Orlando: “I hope not to be forced to close certain areas of the city”. The Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte also spoke on the subject: “Let’s clarify it: it’s not over, it’s not the time for parties and nightlife, otherwise the curve goes up”.

Still image of a video shot in Padua on 18 May 2020 documenting a crowd of people.
Crowd on the street in Padua on the evening of 18 May 2020 – © Ansa

Gabrielli: “Ensuring the assembly ban”


Coronavirus, the situation in Italy: graphs and maps

Law enforcement agencies are committed to tackling such situations. This was confirmed by the head of the police Franco Gabrielli, who in a circular sent to the Quaestors from all over Italy invited the “maximum commitment” in the control of the territory to combat mafias, widespread crime but also to ensure “compliance with the ban on gathering and aggregations of people and compliance with the measures of social distancing “. It will then be up to the technical boards of the individual police stations to identify how to intensify the checks.

Zaia: “Too many movida videos, ready to close”

“We got dozens of photos and videos of the centers of our cities with open-air nightlife. I have nothing against the party, but the ban on gatherings and the use of a mask are the conditio sine qua non, the life-saver for the protection of citizens, “said Zaia, commenting on the images of some crowds of citizens gathered by the hour. aperitif. “In 10 days – added the Northern League governor – we will see the infections: if they increase, we will close bars, restaurants and beaches and we will go back to closing ourselves in the house with silicone”. Zaia asked to have respect “for the 1,820 people who lost their lives” due to Covid-19 in the Region, appealing to “square and respect the rules” and the “civic sense” of the Venetians.

Palermo movida coronavirus
Assemblies in the Vucciria district in Palermo, 18 May 2020 – © Ansa

Musumeci: “The Sicilian sense of responsibility will prevail”


Coronavirus Italy, 227,364 positive. 32,330 the dead. PHOTO

On the Palermo nightlife, immortalized by night photos of the Vucciria district full of people, softer than the mayor of Palermo Orlando was instead the president of the Nello Musumeci Region. “I am convinced that there will be no need to resort to extreme interventions – said the governor of Forza Italia to Rai Radio Uno -. I believe that the youthful exuberance, the desire to savor the pleasure of freedom has led to critical situations. I am convinced that the Sicilian sense of responsibility will prevail. ” Sicily, according to Musumeci, “gave a great example for 8 weeks, surprising even those who speak of the South for clichés”: the low figure of contagion in the Region, according to the president, “was the consequence of responsible conduct” which Musumeci now hopes to be maintained despite the easing of restrictions.

In Palermo more night checks

In the meantime, police checks have been increased in the Sicilian capital. The police headquarters have announced capillary patrols by police, carabinieri and city policemen, who from sunset on concentrate in the 3 places of the city most at risk of gatherings: the Vucciria market, Piazza Sant’Anna and Piazza Monte di Pietà. Mayor Orlando appealed to prudence and recalled that the municipal administration has only one power: “Close entire areas of the city. I hope I won’t be forced to. ”

Nothing crowds in Milan

It is better, however, in Milan. In front of the premises still no trace of queues or waiting lists to sit and the tables are not all full, despite the reduction in the number of seats necessary to ensure the distances. In the first night of “phase 2”, 1,666 commercial activities were controlled in the Lombard capital, with a single owner reported and 90 people fined for gathering.

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