Coronavirus: Morocco, 1.8 million tests – Last Hour


(ANSA) – RABAT, MAY 22 – A massive test campaign
anti-Covid-19 to map infections in all regions of the
Morocco. The plan he has as part starts from the Ministry of Health
target the realization of one million and 800 thousand tests, in three
months, to get out of the emergency more safely and keep
under control the risk of infections.
   The strategy of the health ministry is to have
so also the mapping of asymptomatic as well as adapt
recovery plans region by region.
   The laboratories are ready to process 20 thousand exams per
day for 90 consecutive days, while on a normal regime
they make 5 thousand. The test results will be available in 24
hours, while normally it takes 3 to 5 days. In
more remote regions, desert edge for example, have already been
mobile laboratories set up.


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