Coronavirus Modena gatherings, crowds in the center and in front of the premises. Sanctions


Modena, 24 May 2002 – The sensation, in some streets of the historic center, it was that Friday evening that nothing ever happened; that the virus was only an alder memory. The first real Friday of Modena nightlife revealed many critical points to the detriment of public health: passing through via Farini, for example, it was difficult, in some places, not to ‘crash’ into other people despite the heartfelt appeal for social distancing. In fact, in that area the sanctions were taken against some operators.

As announced, in fact, with the coordination of the administrative police division on Friday anti-contagion controls were numerous implemented in the heart of the city by all law enforcement agencies.

The aim was precisely to ensure that the Friday evening of the first weekend after the loosening of the lockdown took place in compliance with the measures of social distancing and that the so-called nightlife was lived without worries by the young people and families who crowded the historic center, also thanks to the mild temperatures.

Crossing the center it was easy to run into carabinieri, finance and municipal patrols who controlled, even in plain clothes, the most popular places. As said the influx was important and, also for the fear that still lives in us, in most cases they were observed small groups of people with masks worn, attentive to the distances or separate tables between them as per legislation.

However, passing through the area of ​​via Gallucci, for example, it was really difficult to create a gap between people; in particular among the crowds of young people readily controlled by carabinieri and finance. Many, in fact, were at distances certainly less than one meter and in some cases without a mask. There were also several guys with ‘dangling’ devices on the chin. They also ended up in trouble the owners of some pubs that had placed tables too close together with groups of customers crowded and standing, a few centimeters away from each other. In other cases, however, access to pubs was indiscriminate and lacking the controls necessary to prevent spacing. Similar situation for some neighborhood businesses which, like real bars, served alcohol to customers, creating crowds in front of the entrances. It is understandable the desire to restart, as well as to recover the collections after more than two months of closure, but this cannot be done to the detriment of public health.

Four fines taken for reasons of uncontrolled interest and tables not sufficiently spaced towards the owners of two pubs and as many neighborhood businesses in via Farini. Three of these yesterday requested the intervention of the Prefecture to evaluate immediate closure measures for the time necessary to resolve the critical issues encountered. Also the municipal operators raised 2 fines to 2 bars in the area of ​​via Farini and piazza Roma and the signaling is already in the prefecture. As mentioned also in the heart of the nightlife, in Pomposa square the groups of young people were many and often very, very close to each other. But, in this case, the “stewards” thought about enforcing the rules, as explained by Andrea Pennacchi, head of the Delta Service services. “The operators of the five venues in Piazza Pomposa asked us for staff to avoid excessive gatherings. We try to play our role in the best possible way, without raising discussions”.

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