Coronavirus, Minister Boccia: “If mobility starts again it will be without distinction between Regions. Health passport? Unconstitutional”


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There will be no distinction in the reopening of mobility between Regions. The Minister of Regional Affairs said so, Francesco Boccia, in hearing at the Parliamentary Commission on Tax Federalism. “In the next few days, with the last click that will bring the country back into motion, there must also be common sense. Self all regions share again without distinction on the profile of the citizens of each region, the distinction between citizens of one city compared to another is not foreseenif we are healthy we move. It is different to foresee a phase of quarantine, but we are not in that condition. And even in that case, an agreement between the parties is needed, “are the words of the government official.

Boccia underlined that in any decision the indications of the experts will weigh. But he still ruled out that governors may decide to close borders. Or maybe filter the arrivals by asking for specific documents to those arriving from the North. “The Health passport? Re-read article 120 of the Constitution: a Region cannot take action that hinder the free movement of people. And then if the scientists say that there are no health passports, there are no “.

On the front of reopening on 3 June, the minister explained that “the data (on contagion in the regions, ed.) will reach the Ministry of Health by tomorrow and they will assessments rigorously, secular, starting from the assumption that the protection of health and life is the top priority and the defense and revitalization of the economy and jobs is the priority of the priorities “.

But how will the monitoring be structured to decide whether to reopen? “The monitoring system – Boccia replied – works well, has been shared with all the Regions, every week it gives us the pandemic thermometer, it is not a judgment, a report card, there are no votes, it is the attempt to turn on lights if there is a small outbreak and if the resilience of health is not full “. Based on what data will the government decide what to do with the regions? “Monitoring – Boccia always said – includes 21 different indicators that make up an algorithm shared by technicians from the ministry and the Regions. I am sorry for the controversy with Umbria, which then emerged (from the attention span). The assessment must not affect the re-start of the regions, which has already taken place and will continue next week to recover our whole country “.

Try to enter into controversy with the minister, the governor of Sardinia Christian Solinas: “We would not have expected the useless from Minister Boccia – says the Sardinist neo-centralist litany who wants to reaffirm a domineering supremacy of the State over the Regions in the architecture of the Republic as defined by the new title V “. Already yesterday Solinas had argued with the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala. “From the minister – he adds – we would have expected, a few days from June 3, a proposal for a clear solution on the reopening between Regions”.

Just today the governor of Sicily, In the Musumeci, has slowed down the openings of its region. “Sicily could reopen later. And a sanitary filter is needed for tourists. We in Sicily have made an ordinance that prevents entering the region not until 4th but until 7th June. And now we have to make another one that confirms this or modifies it. With my heart I would open the island to tourists as early as June 7th. But with the reason I say: we await the national epidemiological data that is about to arrive and on the basis of this we decide, “says the governor in an interview with the Messenger. “All together – he explains – regional presidents and the government, we have to confront each other and I believe we will do it on Saturday. You cannot start a phase in a leopard spot logic, It takes a responsibility shared by all ”.

Musumeci himself went back to talking about the health passport, rejected by the minister in committee, “I call him protocol to be able to guarantee the health security and social tranquility of those who arrive in Sicily and those who live in Sicily. We are working to develop this document that will give everyone peace of mind. To whom it arrives we will ask guarantees on the state of health, information on the family situation regarding diseases and viruses “. And he announces that in the next few hours he will decide “what a Lombard or other tourist must present. Those who come to us must be filtered “.

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