Coronavirus Milan, close to the nightlife: the sale of takeaway drinks after 19 is prohibited


It will be forbidden in Milan to sell drinks for takeaway after 19: what the mayor Giuseppe Sala said, at the end of a meeting in the prefecture with the president of the Region Attilio Fontana and the prefect Renato Saccone. Bars and clubs will not be able to sell takeaway drinks after 7pm, the mayor said, announcing a measure to do so, starting tomorrow, to avoid gatherings especially in the nightlife areas. We do not place time limits on the closure of the premises, we thought about it, but we do not think it is worthwhile, added Sala, but there will be a ban on takeaway drinks after 7pm. You can sit at the tables, but the premises will not be able to selling for takeaway and the ban also applies to nearby shops to prevent one from taking beer and drinking it on the street, the first citizen specified.

The ban will actually go into effect on Tuesday evening, when the mayor issues an order. We will sanction the consumption of standing alcohol if not in a dedicated and defined place as the space facing the bar, said Sala. Not only the owners of the premises will be punished but also the users, according to the regulations in force against the gatherings. By tomorrow the commissioner will indicate the areas manned by the four police forces (the state police, the carabinieri, the finance guard and the local police) located in particular places of the nightlife. We will have to be sure that the areas will be manned, Sala added. The sale ban will not apply to supermarkets. The commissioner Sergio Bracco, the commander of the local police Marco Ciacci, the provincial commander of the carabinieri of Milan Luca De Marchis and that of the financial guard Stefano De Braco participated in the summit convened by the prefect.

clear that I would like to avoid closings to protect those who are working, for equally clear that this weekend has not been “serene” and that we cannot imagine another such, Sala announced in the video message recorded early in his studio in Palazzo Marino. Almost all non-food retail establishments have been reopened, while the person’s restaurants and spas have taken over only 50 percent. This week, all the city’s open-air markets will reopen, the mayor said, inviting the Milanese not to divide into opposing fans, violators of the rules and informers. I am inundated with reports. One even wrote to me that there were gatherings at the arrivals in Malpensa …. I can only report my frustration and that of the mayors because the invitations to common sense and responsibility work very little. it is clear that the formula must be found and this afternoon I will meet with the prefect to understand what can be done. I would like to avoid closings but another weekend so unimaginable. Eventually we arrived at the formula of the ban on takeaway after 19:00. You can instead eat while sitting at the tables.

May 25, 2020 | 18:40


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