Coronavirus: Marsilio, new aids, Abruzzo is in good hands


The President presented the new measures introduced by L.R. 118/20 approved yesterday in the Council. (Regflash) – L’Aquila, May 23 “We are doing our part, quickly, before others and we are second to none. This law and these numbers prove it. We have allocated a very large body of interventions with urgent measures in favor of the tourism, retail trade and other services sectors to counter the effects of the serious economic crisis due to the health emergency. This majority proved to be up to the situation. Abruzzo is in good hands. ” The president of the regional council, Marco Marsilio, said this morning in L’Aquila. during a press conference at Palazzo Silone together with the vice President Emanuele Imprudente, the commissioner for the budget, Guido Quintino Liris, the President of the regional council Lorenzo Sospiri, the deputy, Roberto Santangelo and the regional councilor Sabrina Bocchino to present the urgent measures introduced by Law 118/2020.

Marsilio stressed the importance of confrontation with the minority that led to the approval of the law in the regional council, with a sense of responsibility, to fuel the economic recovery in Abruzzo. “A team effort – he added – which involved everyone on strategic choices for our region. An enormous effort with which it was possible to deploy resources on sectors and areas that the Government has not taken into due consideration. The funds come from the remodeling of the ERDF and ESF funds and other reprogrammings on which, however, work is still being done to increase the financial availability and integrate the resources of the national government, which we consider to be small “.

These are 40 million non-refundable grants for companies in all sectors, kindergartens 0-6 years and university students.
Contributions for loss of turnover divided into three bands are reserved for all Abruzzo companies with a turnover of up to one million euro.
The owners of tourist, commercial, artisanal and industrial establishments and self-employed workers who suspended their activity in the period March-April 2020 are granted a non-refundable contribution of up to € 3,000 for the rental or flat rate costs of € 1. 000 if without a lease.
A maximum non-refundable contribution of € 150 for each child enrolled in the 2019/2020 school year is recognized to those who work in the education sector with a public purpose limited to childcare services authorized at equal kindergartens which have suspended their business.
Abruzzese students away from home, who have a lease in place at the university they are attending, are granted a maximum non-refundable contribution of € 1,000 to support the rental costs for the period March-April May 2020. the contribution is paid for family income reduction and the ranking is carried out taking into consideration the family ISEE.

A further 7 million are allocated to families at risk of social exclusion. The ranking, result of the Bonus Family announcement, will be fully covered with a total funding of 12 million euros.

One million to the Solidarity Fund for the municipalities of Abruzzo who had to incur higher expenses for the purchase of goods and services and for the overtime of employees.

Three million to amateur sports associations and cultural associations that have suffered damage.

Three million also to the ASP (personal services companies) for emergency and safety measures of rest homes, residential social and health structures and the social structures they manage.
One million for holders of maritime state concessions, damaged by the weather events of November 2019 to carry out urgent protection interventions, consolidation and restoration works of the beach also through nourishment.

1,500,000 euros to holders of state-owned maritime concessions for higher expenses to which they are required to comply with emergency regulations.

One million and 500 thousand euros to the municipalities of the Abruzzo coast, holders of state-owned maritime concessions.

One million and 500 thousand euros to the Mountain Municipalities and entities that manage routes, paths, shelters and equipped areas, falling within the Montani municipalities in the protected regional areas, for the best use of the same.
€ 600,000 to Aric (regional IT and commissioning agency) to deal with the covid-19 emergency.
One million and 500 thousand euros to Ater as regional partnership required by the State to access the incentives defined as Sismabonus / Ecobonus for the renovation of public residential buildings.
3 million In addition to the Adsu (Companies for the right to university study) of Chieti-Pescara, L’Aquila and Teramo for the financing of the entire scholarship ranking for the year 2019/2020. For the first time in decades, all deserving students will receive scholarships in the ranking.

€ 420,000 to the publishing sector in the Abruzzo region, that is, television, radio, daily or periodical and online presses affected by the serious liquidity crisis, mainly due to the contraction in advertising sales.
€ 125,000 to support judicial office trainees who do not receive any allowance. This is a monthly contribution for the months of April and May 2020 of € 600 per month.
€ 270,000 to the municipality of L’Aquila as compensation for lost revenues from the Gran Sasso tourist center.
€ 500,000 to the Saga management company of the Abruzzo airport.
€ 240,000 to the 12 municipalities of Abruzzo declared as a red zone as support for the greater expenses incurred. “Municipalities initially envisaged by article 112 of the DL” Italy relaunch “and then inexplicably excluded – stressed Marsilio in his speech.

1,460. 000 euros to companies that fall in the municipalities of Abruzzo declared as a red zone or are the owners of companies from Abruzzo that reside in the municipalities that have been declared as a red zone which, following the approval of the closure orders, were unable to open their businesses.

One million to Abruzzo local authorities to finance the one-off award in favor of local police officers.
Other minor measures: € 100. 000 to the Abruzzo Film Commission, € 70. 000 for the refinancing of the Abruzzo speleological mountaineering excursion network, € 250. 000 to create cycling routes connecting the coast and inland areas, incentives for the purchase of means of sustainable mobility for residents of 10,000. and 50 thousand inhabitants, equal to € 300,000. (reglfash) K. SCOLTA 200523

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