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Covid-19 emergency
Ancona, 23 May 2020 – There are only four new cases of COVID-19 ascertained in the Marche, 0.7% more than the 559 swabs processed in the day, a number that does not include the tests carried out in the paths of survivors and of serological tests. For the first time since the beginning of the crisis, no new ‘positives’ have been identified in the province of Pesaro-Urbino; the new infections were found in Macerata (2), in Fermano (1) and in a person not resident in the Marche region.

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The data were released today by Gores, the regional operational group for the management of the health emergency. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the cases ascertained have become 6,701, 11.1% compared to the 60,232 tests carried out overall, with a growth of 0.02% on the total of the previous day.

Yesterday there were three victims of registered coronaviruses, 8 new infections. The deceased two men, a 72 year old from Tolentino (Macerata) and an 87 year old from Pergola (Pesaro-Urbino), and an 81 year old woman from Vallefoglia (Pesaro-Urbino); all three had previous pathologies. Since the beginning of the crisis, the dead are 993, 49 of which without other diseases, 593 men and 400 women, with an average age of 80 and a half years. In the province of Pesaro-Urbino 526 people have died so far, in the province of Ancona 215, in the province of Macerata 165, 66 in the Fermano and 13 in the Piceno. In the death toll for ‘Covid-19’ there are also 8 people who did not reside in the Marche.

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