Coronavirus, march on Rome with 200 people



An unannounced demonstration in the center of Rome, with about 200 people who reached Piazza Venezia with the intention of going to Montecitorio.

Law enforcement officers intervened on the spot. The event triggered by the group “March on Rome” born on social networks.

“The virus is a trick to invent the crisis”, this is how the blocked demonstrators who are at the beginning of Via del Corso shout, where they organized a sit in the center of the crossroads.
Some protesters wear shirts with the inscription “March on Rome”, and explain: “To the government we want to say that the virus is a Trojan horse, it does not exist and for this reason many today do not wear a mask.
They are making us fail.
I don’t know what their political plan is, they want to redo the social rules.
They want to confine us and register us all. ”

The slogan ‘freedom freedom’ is shouted from the group and the hymn of Mameli is sung.

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