Coronavirus, makes the buffer then flies from Reggio to Cagliari without waiting for the outcome: “Positive”. Isolated in forty


He has suffered from illnesses in Reggio Emilia, where he lives and works in a company that deals with the maintenance of appliances in the food sector. Fearing a contagion from Covid (as it actually was) he had a tampon. But instead of taking the precaution of isolating himself in a quarantine, on Tuesday 19 he boarded the plane for Cagliari – for work reasons – where he stayed in the hotel. Conclusion: on Thursday 21 the Ausl Reggio Emilia called the man to confirm his positivity. Inevitable for the health authorities of the island – whose governor Solinas only a few days ago spoke of holidays only with the health license, asking for caution for incoming tourists – to arrange the quarantine for about forty people who came in contact with the 64-year-old from Reggio Emilia rather rash in his conduct. A story told bySardinian Union and from Rest of the Carlino.


The employee of the Emilian company would have come into contact with only two people inside the hotel in which he was a guest, and another ten in the company’s factory where he had gone to do maintenance. But passengers on board the plane that brought him to the island will also likely be quarantined. Union is Pug they also say that a second problem emerged for the reckless Reggio. The symptoms would have included home isolation, but nobody in the hotel was willing to take the risk of hosting him; therefore – at least until the double negative swab – will remain at the Santissima Trinit in Cagliari, despite not having a clinical picture that requires hospitalization.

He certainly had the virus incubated

He certainly had the virus in incubation, before leaving, confirmed the director of the Single Hospital in the Holy Trinity Area, Sergio Marracini. His condition, however, is stable and not in intensive care. For now, under control. The lightness with which the 64-year-old from Reggio decided to reach Cagliari had a big echo in Sardinia. Also because the governor Christian Solinas had just asked the visitors of the island for extra caution to guarantee everyone a holiday worthy of the name. This is because – Solinas repeated several times in these days – Sardinia the region with the lowest diffusion, soon we will be completely Covid free and that’s why it would be useful, according to him, a health passport. An idea that not an isolated thing, but there is in the Canary and Balearic Islands. It would give reliability and security to those arriving in Sardinia. a document that will be checked upon boarding such as an identity card or passport.

May 25, 2020 (change May 25, 2020 | 1:58 pm)


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