Coronavirus, Lucia at 106 years of age defeats the disease (after two wars and the Spanish)


When Lucia Ronda blows out the candle resting on the mini cake supported by the nurses, she is not only making the gesture that consecrates a new birthday. He is sending a message: I can do it again.

The candle

I interpreted that breath as a favorable omen – says the nephew, Paolo Beduschi -. We are talking about a disease that mainly affects the lungs. The only one candle, for reasons of space, but Lucia’s years are 106. On April 22 Lucia cannot celebrate them with relatives, because at the Rsa La paddy field in Marcignago (Pavia), where guest, as in the rest of Italy, the Covid-19 emergency has already arrived. The news of the positive swab arrived at the turn of the birthday. For three months now – says Beduschi, who follows Lucia closely (the lady had no children) – I communicate with her through Skype. He always said to me: “I’m fine, they treat me very well”. it was she who reassured me. When I healed I sent her a kiss behind the screen and she returned. The first days in late April are the most critical, then the clinical picture stabilizes. Faced with an unknown virus, Paolo relies on the words of the health workers. They were splendid: in these days the cross was often pulled on the RSA, but incorrect. In the case of my aunt, and not only, they did a miracle.

The 107 year old English lady

The fever goes down, the oxygen is used to overcome the first ten days and a month after that blown out candle, the double negative buffer certifies the healing. Now I can say it, because the storm passed – Beduschi smiles -: in the days of my illness I read about an English lady, Connie Titchen, who was cured at almost 107 years. And I came across an article from the Pais who spoke of a woman who had recovered at 106. He lives in the Spanish city of Ronda, like my aunt’s surname. A premonition. Lucia in 1958 met Pope Paul VI, when he was only Cardinal Montini: artistic soul (until a few months ago he still delighted in portraits), he collaborated in that period with Luciano Minguzzi, who made one of the five bronze doors of the Duomo in Milan . Originally from Casalmaggiore (Cremona), she receives a visit to the RSA of her nephew Paolo Zani every 2-3 months. When I go to see her, I always test her – she reveals -. I never tell her who I am, but she always recognizes me, very lucid. She has gone through two wars and the Spanish influence, although officially we do not know if she has ever fallen ill: she certainly has a temper as strong as her antibodies.

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