Coronavirus Lombardia, the new cases are “weakly positive”. But it’s war on the counts


Milan, May 28, 2020 – Cases of coronavirus in Lombardy: 216 versus 159 on Tuesday. To underline however, in confirmation of the thesis that wants that the virus is weakened, that 118 of these new cases “result weakly positive, have traces of viral RNA and are considered positive as a precaution “, as explained by the Lombardy Region Councilor for Welfare, Giulio Gallera announcing that on them” a second buffer in a week “. The daily picture provided by Pirellone yesterday told of overall positive, which and amounted to 24,037, a decrease of 440 units, of another 8 fewer patients in the intensive care (175 in total) and 766 new ones healed / discharged (total 47,810). On the other hand, hospitalizations not in intensive care (+4, 3,626 in total) increased slightly, and unfortunately the number of deaths: 58.

Controversy over numbers in Lombardy

A hard controversy exploded on the Lombard data today. Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbe Foundation, speaking on Radio 24 he said without too many turns of the word that the Pirellone would “cheat” the numbers to keep the data of the infected below a certain level. “THEn Lombardy have occurredand too many oddities on the data during these three months – he said – it is as if there was some sort of need to keep below a certain level qthat is the number of cases diagnosed. “Strong words that triggered the reply equally strong by the Lombardy region which, in a note. he defined them very serious, offensive and above all not true

Lung transplant to save an 18 year old

From Milan among other things, a story that leads to most tragic period of the emergency, when the virus was particularly aggressive and seemed unstoppable. It is the story, fortunately with a happy ending, of an 18 year old whose Covid-19 burned his lungs and who was saved from a transplant. The virus drove him to death in just four days and the boy was rescued from the extracorporeal circulation which he underwent for two months at San Raffaele. Then the transfer to the Polyclinic where they transplant them two new lungs and now awakening and physiotherapy to slowly return to normal

Brain damage too

In addition, lsection Lombard of the Italian Society of Neurologists Neurosurgeons and Hospital Neuroradiologists has started a systematic study on neurological complications caused by coronavirus. After the acute phase, doctors and researchers are now busy studying the damages that the COVID-19 created in the population. According to this study, the virus created serious damage not only to the lungs but also to the brains of the sick.

Clash on immunity license

Asymptomatic, weakly positive, positive. Different terminologies and states that in this Phase 2 can trigger ferocious pinstitutional olemics, like that between the mayor of Milan Beppe Sala and the governor of Sardinia Christian Solinas. The Sardinian president, as well as the Sicilian colleague Nello Musumeci, has in fact asked that the Lombard tourists arriving on the island be provided with a certificate of negativity. An exit that was not at all liked by the first Milanese citizen who, in addition to underlining how complicated it is to have this type of test, spoke of “discrimination of Italians by region of origin”. Today Musumeci threw water on the fire of controversy: “The friend Sala if he wants to come to Sicily with pleasure. We will not ask him for a license, not even for a car. “Musumeci, who spoke of Sala” exaggeration “, specified that visitors to Sicily” will only be asked to respect a security protocol “.

Fontana and Gallera in Procura

On the judicial front, however, the Prosecutor of Bergamo, who investigates for culpable epidemic and murder against unknown persons, convened the president of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana is the Councilor for Welfare Giulio Gallera to listen to them as people informed about the facts. At the heart of the investigation are i deaths in the RSA, the failure to establish a red area in Bergamo and the failure to close the Emergency room of theAlzano Lombardo hospital. Gallera will be listened to at 17.00 today while Fontana, except for institutional commitments, tomorrow at 10.00,

Boccia: “An ecatomb in Lombardy”

The regional affairs minister Francesco Boccia, in hearing at the Tax Federalism Commission to talk about possible financial measures to support the economy of the areas most affected by Covid, he said the Lombard provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona, Lodi and that of Piacenza in Emilia Romagna “lived massacre, the rest of the country a drama: I would not compare those provinces to the rest of Italy. “Boccia explained:” It is clear that there has been a differentiated impact of the virus both from a health and economic point of view. It is too early to take stock and it makes sense to wait for scientific evaluations, but what happened in Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona, Lodi and Piacenza is objectively of a virulence not found in other Italian provinces “.

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