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Gyms, swimming pools, cultural and recreational clubs in Lombardy will reopen from Monday 1st June. This is foreseen by the new ordinance upon signature of the President of the Region, Attilio Fontana, valid until June 14th.

“The news of the day is the reopening of regional borders from June 3, in my opinion it is a fair decision”, commented the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala speaking of the possibility of moving between the regions. “None of us know how the pandemic will evolve and we must be very careful and ready for any situation, but now is the time to give oxygen back to work,” added the first citizen. (ALL UPDATES)

19:40 – Fontana: “Our life changed after 100 days”

“100 days have passed since that night in which our life has dramatically changed. Thanks to the skills and obstinacy of the doctors of Codogno, we discovered an invisible killer that was spreading silently among us, bringing unspeakable bereavements and immense pain in the families, in the communities, in all of us. But thanks to the tenacity, discipline and determination of the Lombards, we managed to reduce it “. The president of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana wrote it on his social profiles, Instagram and Facebook. “We have learned – he added – many lessons and we still have a lot of work to do. But, as I argue from the first day, together we will defeat him and return to normal”. The Lombard governor concluded the post with the hashtag #celafaremo.

18:52 – Mayor Lodi signs anti-movida order

Too many nightlife in the streets of the center of Lodi and the mayor Sara Casanova has decided to sign an urgent order today that provides for the placement of barriers in the bar areas and prohibits the sale for the removal of alcoholic beverages from the neighborhood shops , craft activities, vending machines, supermarkets and hypermarkets. The order is valid immediately and for the days of Friday, Saturday and Sunday until next June 7 on an experimental basis, but also for Monday 1 June and Tuesday 2 June from 20 to 7 on the following day. The decision, as the mayor says, “was taken due to the repeated episodes of gathering and violation of the obligation to use protective devices that have occurred since May 18, with the relaxation of restrictive anti-contagion measures “. The home delivery of food and beverages, even alcoholic, is permitted. The local police and law enforcement agencies will be able to order merchants to close premises that will not comply with the ordinance. Fines are imposed for violators.

18:50 – Milan, workers Scala in flash mob

There are also the workers and some choristers and musicians of La Scala in Piazza Duomo in Milan, where some hundreds of show business workers gathered to launch permanent mobilization asking for a continuity income. In the square together with actors and actresses, lyricists, dancers, comedians, choreographers, singers, deejays, technicians and workers, voice actors, screenwriters and directors, tailors and make-up artists, orchestras, acrobats, stunt-man, jugglers and waders, also the Band of the Bursting brass, Raffaele Kohler, the trumpeter who played O mia bela madunina and also the comedian Leonardo Manera during the lockdown. The list of all the professionals of the show chain that the organizers have remembered one by one at the microphone in the central square of the city to remember that “almost all of us work in precariousness” and “declare the state of permanent agitation from now on” “. Many signs with inscriptions such as “without us ideas remain ideas” and “Always fighting for a spectacular world” and again “our work is live up to the netflix of culture”. “We are 2000 here in the square today – the organizers say -. We received the news that the show will start again on June 15, but we know that all the live show has jumped to 2021, the theaters are closing and the festivals will not be staged, not there is a reprogramming “and for this” we ask for a livelihood and continuity income “.

18:07 – Greek at pm: “From Monday you can go back to the office without limits or communications”

From Monday the Milanese prosecutors will be able to go to the office when they want “without limits or communications” respecting, however, all the safety rules. This was established by the prosecutor Francesco Greco with a new circular in times of emergency Covid, dropping the previous prescription that advised the prosecutor’s magistrates to appear on the fourth floor “no more than three days a week”. In the last circular, valid from 1st to 14th June, the primary rule of avoiding “crowding of working spaces” in one place, the Palazzo di Giustizia in Milan, which had a dozen cases of infected magistrates and two dead, a carabiniere and a chancellor. Therefore, writes Greco, the “physical emptying of offices and corridors” and “talks and gatherings of people” in the public prosecutor’s office should be maintained as much as possible. A maximum of two people can work in the rooms and the magistrates in any case will also be able to choose “agile work” from home. While the administrative staff will be able to appear in the offices “for three days a week”.

17:13 – In Lombardy the infections drop but the deaths increase

The new positive declines but the deaths in Lombardy increase: there are 221 more cases (with the index of daily swabs ratio going from 2.5% to 1.6%), for a total of 88,758 cases in the regional territory. Yesterday there had been 352 new positives with about the same number of swabs, over 14 thousand. There are 67 new deaths, for a total of 16,079 deaths, while yesterday they were 38. Both ICU patients (-1, 172) as well as those in the other wards (-245, 3,307) that yesterday had instead increased ( +82). These are the data disclosed by the Lombardy Region.

16:17 – Councilor Lombardia: “no risk stop bikesharing”

“I don’t understand the concerns of councilor Granelli regarding bike sharing, which he even considers ‘at risk'”. So the Lombard councilor for Infrastructures, Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Claudia Maria Terzi, replies to the Councilor of the Municipality of Milan, Marco Granelli, according to which the latest order of the Region on the Covid emergency “defines some rules for bike sharing that risk blocking the service, “because” it foresees that from 4 June it is necessary to ensure that citizens sanitize their hands, or alternatively provide gloves “. Terzi clarifies that it has already communicated to Granelli “that, in compliance with the rules of distancing in force, we confirm that both for bike sharing and for car sharing, in the municipal area, the same rules adopted for the other means of LPT apply (local public transport, ed) and that therefore the use of gloves and masks must be guaranteed by the users themselves “. “I underline – concludes Terzi – that the latest regional ordinance transposes the guidelines unanimously approved by the Conference of the Regions, making more restrictive corrections if necessary. In the right balance between the different needs we have applied the rental activities, the necessary flexibility to guarantee, on the one hand, health security and, on the other, continuity of service “.

16:03 – Pavia, the times of the cemeteries return to normal

The opening hours of the Pavia cemeteries return to normal. Mayor Mario Fabrizio Fracassi has decided to revoke the previous ordinance, providing that from Monday 1 June the four city cemeteries (San Giovannino, San Lanfranco, Mirabello and Ca ‘della Terra) are open every weekday and public holidays from 8 to 18 Naturally, the anti-coronavirus rules remain in force: the use of the mask, the minimum distance of one meter, the disinfection of the hands when entering the offices. “Limited to funeral ceremonies – reads the municipal note – the presence of a maximum of 15 people is allowed, provided that the minimum distance of one meter between those present is respected”. From Monday also news for city parking. The mayor has in fact decided to restore the paid parking in the parking lots of the regulated parking areas managed in Asm Pavia until 17.00, for the period from 1 June to 31 July 2020. The parking is free from 17 to 19 ( daily closing time of paid parking). In addition, the expiring permits, relating to traffic and parking in the restricted traffic areas of the center, have been extended until 31 July.

15:24 – Termoscanner at Palazzo Marino

At Palazzo Marino, headquarters of the Municipality of Milan, from today there is a facial thermal scanner that measures the temperature of visitors and employees in Covid emergency times. The special column has been installed at the entrance of the building: just bring your face closer and the facial thermoscanner will signal if the person’s temperature is below or above 37.5 degrees. In the first case, you can enter the building in the second case, according to the laws on the containment of the epidemic, no.

15:22 – Alderman Cambiaghi: “From Monday, step forward for Lombard sport”

“After three long months we see the light at the end of the tunnel and finally from Monday there will also be a concrete step forward for the Lombard sports sector towards the return to the ‘new normal’. Thus the Regional Councilor for Sport and Youth, Martina Cambiaghi comments on the importance of the order of President Attilio Fontana which provides for the reopening of gyms, swimming pools and more generally the expansion of sporting activity. “My thoughts – he continues – as well as to the entrepreneurs and workers in this sector, go to the many boys and children who have been at home in these long months. Finally, always with respect for the rules, they will be able to go back to playing sports”. The commissioner Cambiaghi then underlines how “it has been weeks of listening and discussion to reach a safe reopening”. “A decision – continues the councilor – that gives the possibility to an important and strategic sector, such as that of sport, to return to life after a lockdown that has severely penalized operators and workers in the sector”.

15:13 – Plans: “Summer camps are an important support for families”

“The summer camps will offer socialization and fun opportunities for our children and will provide important support to families in terms of work-life balance. The regional councilor for Family, Parenting and Equal Opportunities says it, Silvia Piani, commenting on the effects of order of the Lombardy Region which provides for the reopening of services for children and adolescents starting from June 15. “In recent weeks we have worked hard to quickly build guidelines that would allow the reopening of summer camps, in close collaboration with the Prefecture of Milan and with ANCI. We have involved the third sector and the Dioceses, with the contribution of the union representatives “, continued Piani. However, the commissioner expresses” a strong concern regarding the total absence of attention by the Government to the youngest children, those in the 0 age range. -3 years “.” Unfortunately – he continues – the latest decree confirmed the closure, without giving us the opportunity to intervene, with evident difficulties for families and enormous damages to the many private managers, which represent a fundamental wealth for our Region”.

14:02 – The mayor of Riccione writes to Sala: “Come to the sea with us”

“Mayor Sala, on June 3rd come to the sea in Riccione”, “you are always welcome with us”. The mayor of Riccione, Renata Tosi, wrote it in an open letter to the first citizen of Milan in anticipation of the end of restrictions on travel between regions. “Riccione and Romagna have always cheered for you Milanese, for the Lombards, obviously for all the Italians who have had to face the unimaginable in these months”, Tosi put in black and white inviting the Milanese “to visit Riccione and Romagna, to trust us, our operators, our welcome that has always been able to respect and protect guests “. The mayor has long been pushing for the restart (her battle over the reopening of the beach is known) and added: “For us, June 3 this year will be a release date”.

13:29 – Lombardy Region gives masks to the Community of Lautari in Bresciano

Lombardy Region donated 6,000 masks to the Community of Lautarians in Pozzolengo (Brescia). Simona Tironi, vice president of the Health Commission, brought the devices to safely face phase two to the president of the cooperative Andrea Bonomelli. “Once again with this gesture – underlines Simona Tironi – the Lombardy Region shows its closeness to realities with a social value to ensure a safe restart of its activities. Today I was pleasantly impressed by this recovery community from Brescia which has developed offices also on the Italian territory, for the dedication and seriousness with which they treat these children for another without receiving state subsidies “. “The cooperative deals with the recovery of boys and girls who have addictions of various kinds – explains Bonomelli, president of Lautari – as drugs, alcohol and play therapy. The therapeutic path is focused on the centrality of the person as a necessary condition to improve their life”.

13:24 – In Milan, civic crowdfunding for the restart of the suburbs

To restart the suburbs and support their cultural and social rebirth after the Covid emergency, the Municipality of Milan launches civic crowdfunding. With this method of support from below, citizens with small donations will be able to finance projects in neighborhoods. In 2016 the Municipality had collected over 300 thousand euros of micro donations, to which were added another 300 thousand euros of municipal contribution that had allowed to finance 16 new projects in the city. From today until 31 July it will be possible to present useful projects for the restart of the less central neighborhoods of the city to support its rebirth after the Covid emergency19. “Crowdfunding is an extraordinary tool to bring concrete help especially in this difficult situation of economic recovery for the city and its neighborhoods”, commented the Councilor for Labor Policies, Cristina Tajani. From September the selected projects will have around 60 days to carry out their fundraising. Those who reach 40% of the overall budget thanks to fundraising will obtain a non-refundable contribution from the Municipality of Milan for the remaining 60%, up to a maximum amount of 60 thousand euros for each individual project.

11:58 – Bergamo, Fontana at pm: “On the red area, contacts with the government, no rebounds”

In the days when it had to be decided, in early March, whether to establish a red zone also in the Bergamo area, after that in the Lodi area, the Lombard governor Attilio Fontana was in contact with the Minister of the Interior and with the government, there were frequent institutional contacts , but in those moments there was no rejection of responsibility on the decision between Pirellone and Rome. This is what the Lombard president himself would have said in yesterday’s hearing as a person informed of the facts before Bergamo prosecutors, who are investigating the failure of the red zone, the reopening of the emergency room of the Alzano hospital and the deaths in the rsa. It was “peaceful”, according to Fontana, that deciding whether or not to establish another red zone “was up to the government”, given that the army had already been sent. Just the sending of the military, the governor would have clarified to the prosecutors, gave the perception that it would be the government to move to make that decision. Furthermore, Fontana has denied in the most absolute way pressures from the economic or political world always on the failure of the red zone.

11:26 – Milan, Sala: “Just reopen on June 3”

“The news of the day is the reopening of regional borders from June 3, in my opinion it’s a fair decision.” The mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, said it in the usual video on the social pages, commenting on the possibility of moving between the regions. “None of us know how the pandemic will evolve and we must be very careful and ready for any situation, but now is the time to give oxygen back to work – he added – I remind you that in Lombardy it is mandatory to wear a mask until June 14 “.

11:25 – Fontana’s lawyer: “Bergamo prosecutor claims that the Region is correct”

“We take note of the declarations of the Bergamo prosecutor’s office which seem to us in line with what we have always supported, it is a significant signal that the position of the Lombardy Region was correct”. So the lawyer Jacopo Pensa, defender of the governor Attilio Fontana, commented with ANSA yesterday’s statements, after the testimony of the Lombard president, the acting attorney Maria Cristina Rota, who explained that the establishment of the red zone in Bergamo it should have been “a government decision”. The words of the prosecutor Rota, according to the lawyer Pensa, are “a significant signal that the position of the Lombardy Region was correct both in the interpretation and in the perception of what was happening. The military had arrived in the area and with this there was the perception that the implementation of the institution of the red zone would have been the responsibility of the government “. Yesterday, responding to those who asked her who it was the task of isolating the municipalities of Nembro and Alzano Lombardo affected by the Coronavirus epidemic (one of the topics that Bergamo investigations are deepening), the magistrate replied: “From what turns out it’s a government decision. ” Fontana, heard as an informed person on the facts for about two hours in the Prosecutor’s Office, in line with the previous testimony of the Welfare Councilor, Giulio Gallera, reiterated that it was “peaceful” that, in the midst of the pandemic, in the first week of March, it was up to the government to decide to isolate Nembro and Alzano Lombardo, which did not happen as the government transformed all of Lombardy into an orange zone.

8:14 – Lombardy, from June 15 ok summer centers, cinemas and theaters

In Lombardy, services for children and adolescents (from 3 to 17 years of age), such as summer centers and oratories, are scheduled to begin on June 15. On the same date, cinemas and the activities of theaters, arenas and shows in general will also be able to restart, without prejudice to the possibility of performing the rehearsals in the absence of the public starting from June 1st, always in compliance with the provisions of the ” interregional guidelines. This is what is foreseen in the new order for the signature of the President of the Region, Attilio Fontana.

8:11 – The Civic Temple of the Incoronata reopens in Lodi

From this morning, in Lodi, the Civic Temple of the Incoronata reopens, a jewel church considered the greatest artistic monument in the city. Returns accessible to the public as well as before the Coronavirus emergency: Monday from 9:30 to 12:30, from Tuesday to Friday from 9:30 to 12:30 and from 15:30 to 18, while Saturday and Sunday from 9.30 to 12.30 and from 15 to 18. Religious services will resume, then, from Monday 1st June, in compliance with the prescriptions of the government and of the Italian Episcopal Conference. To ensure safe access to the building, entrances will be quoted. Visitors are also recommended to keep the interpersonal distance of at least one and a half meters, use masks or alternative covers for the nose and mouth, use the hand sanitizing gel that will be made available at the entrance of the building. Participation in religious services will be allowed for a maximum of 40 people who will have to sit in the specially marked seats. Access to those with flu or respiratory symptoms, body temperature equal to or greater than 37 and a half, which will be measured at the entrance or to those who have been in contact with people positive for Coronavirus, is prohibited.

8:08 – From Monday gyms and swimming pools reopen

Gyms, swimming pools, cultural and recreational clubs in Lombardy will reopen from Monday 1st June. This is foreseen by the new ordinance upon signature of the President of the Region, Attilio Fontana, valid until June 14th. Outdoor physical activity can be performed in compliance with the two-meter spacing measures provided for by the current Dpcm. Green light also for access to theme and amusement parks, as well as to wildlife parks. All these activities must respect the “guidelines” approved by the Conference of the Regions.

8:04 – Lombardy, still mandatory outdoor mask

In Lombardy, the obligation remains throughout the region to wear a mask or other clothing useful to cover the respiratory tract even outdoors. This is confirmed by the new ordinance signed by the President of the Region, Attilio Fontana, valid from 1st to 14th June. Temperature measurement for the employer and for employees is also mandatory and the same measurement continues to apply to restaurant customers. Lastly, the blocking of slot machines in public places remains.

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