Coronavirus Lombardia, the infections are falling: the Region at the battle of the tampons


Milan, 27 May 2020 – The descent of the contagion curve from coronavirus in Lombardy, according to the official data provided daily by the Region. Yesterday i new cases 159 and (87,417 total) i deaths 22 (15,896 since the beginning of the epidemic), against 875 new healed and a drop in currently positivi of other 738 units (24,477 in total). The ratio between new positives and buffers made (9,176, 685,058 in total) yesterday was1.7%. The inpatients continue to decline intensive care (-13, total to 183 patients) and in other departments (-99, total at 3,622).

Swabs and serological tests

In this post-emergency phase the attention is turned to Covid-19 management, just to avoid the risk of returning to an acute phase. Lombardy region decided to go hunting for infections, increasing the number of daily swabs by 9 thousand units, so as to pass from a maximum of 15,200 to one of 23,580. ‘Official’ swabs, not those to which individual citizens subject themselves which the Region does not prohibit but ‘advises against’ because of the confusion they require to generate at the time of the report. However, lthe desire for serological tests of the Lombards is such that as soon as the Region has passed the rules to make them some private groups (already the following day, in the case of MultiMedica and Poliambulanza of Brescia) they started selling them to individual citizens, collecting thousands of reservations. TO Cinisello Balsamo, in the Milanese hinterland, a few days before the start of the private initiative offering home swabs, there is already waiting list. Even in the Bergamo area citizens have turned to individuals in general but at the same time in a month, from April 23 to May 20 L’Ats of Bergamo has done 6,367 serological tests throughout the province and the 58.3% tested positive.

Movida and prohibitions

Then there is the course movida and gatherings which, after being seen last weekend, led to a squeeze in several cities. TO Milan Mayor Sala has issued a municipal anti-alcohol ordinance that blocks takeaway after 19 and prohibits consumption in the parks until 7 in the morning; to Iseo the first citizen Marco Ghitti asked the Prefecture to send the Army in support of the carabinieri and local police.

Displacements between regions

Eyes also on the reopening of regional borders from Wednesday 3 June, with Lombardy that remains special surveillance with the risk that its inhabitants will remain the only ones in Italy who still cannot leave their region. A situation still in progress, exactly one week from the date indicated for the reopening, which pushed the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, to a hard thrust towards the government and some regional governors. “CI ask the government, in particular I asked yesterday to Minister Boccia, who ndon’t tell us the day before Sala said. Moreover, the thing that interests me most is to understand based on what parameters this decision will be made. After all I believe that it is right to give this type of information, it would also be nice if they told us, then someone will decide and we will apply “.

From stem cells new cure against Covid

On the medical front of the battle against coronavirus, good news comes din Pavia where researchers of the Cell Delivery System Lab of the university have identified a technology that, thanks to una ‘powder’ obtained from stem mesenchymal, would allow to contrast lung damage caused by Covid-19. The one contained in the dust is the ‘Secretome’, a pool of substances produced by the mesenchymals consisting of a cocktail of proteins, lipids, genetic material and other molecules which, as a whole, show anti-inflammatory, regenerative and anti-fibrotic effects in preclinical tests.

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