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4.30 pm – The State University produces hand gel for school leaving exams
After giving their support to the Sacco Hospital in Milan in full emergency, from next week the Department of Chemistry of the State University of Milan will place hand sanitizer solution dispensers at the disposal of 90 schools in the Lombardy provinces, which are about to face the final exam. Baptized Unichina, the disinfectant produced according to the rules of the World Health Organization (WHO) and has obtained the certification of the Ministry of Health. For more than two months, ten teams of researchers and technicians from the University’s Department of Chemistry, together with colleagues from the Giulio Natta Institute of Chemical Sciences and Technologies of the National Research Council (Cnr), have produced hundreds of liters of Unichina to support the Sacco hospital pharmacy during the coronavirus emergency. Now, on the eve of the high school exam, the chemists of the State University have thought of helping Milan and Lombardy schools and colleges.

16.14 – Increased the voucher for disabled children
The Regional Council of Lombardy has approved a temporary 50% increase in the coupon expected for families with disabled children in school age, bringing it from 600 to 900 euros. The measure was decided to help families better cope with the coronavirus emergency and overcome problems related to school closures. The 900 euro voucher, generally provided in this amount only for the months of July and August to compensate for the effect of the closure of schools and centers, will also be paid for the months between March and June 2020, explained the councilor regional social, housing and disability policies Stefano Bolognini. In addition, an additional voucher of 300 euros has been recognized for the figure of the `family caregiver who takes care of his own relative in a coma, vegetative state or minimal consciousness, dependent on assisted mechanical ventilation or in a condition of vital dependence.

3.38 pm – Bonus up to 1750 euros for hospital doctors, up to 1250 euros for nurses and health workers
Hospital doctors will receive a bonus of up to 1,730 euros, nurses and health workers in the sector up to 1,250 euros as a concrete and tangible recognition of the commitment of these months in the fight against Covid-19. The President of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, and the Councilor for Welfare, Giulio Gallera, communicate this following the agreement reached with the union representatives of the staff of the Sub-Fund and, late yesterday evening, with those of the Medical Management. In agreement with the workers’ representatives – Fontana and Gallera continue – the bonuses are parameterized and distributed in proportion to the level of service of the operators in the Covid departments of the Lombard hospitals, with particular attention to the commitment in intensive care, in the sub-intensive stay and in the infectious diseases or respiratory assistance wards.

2.20 pm – Cajazzo: The hospital at the Fair which is not equipped for ordinary hospitalization
A hypothesis is being examined by the Polyclinic of Milan. At the moment the hospital at the Fair is not equipped for ordinary hospital beds, but only for intensive care beds. During his hearing in the Sanit regional commission, the general director of the Lombardy Department of Welfare Luigi Cajazzo said, responding to + Europa Councilor Michele Usuelli on the possibility, proposed by a group of doctors of the Policlinico, to use the pavilions set up at the Fiera di Milan as a hub for hospitalized but non-intubated Covid patients, in order to decongest hospitals and allow a gradual return to routine wards. Cajazzo explained that in any case it is a garrison that will be included in the hospital plan referred to in article 2 of decree law 34 of 2020 on the reorganization of the Covid emergency hospital network, therefore in that seat we will be able to evaluate the best usability.

13.45 – Tomorrow in the Cathedral the Chrism Mass put off on Thursday due to the lockdown
Holy Thursday was skipped because of the lockdown, so the archbishop of Milan, Mario Delpini, will celebrate the Chrism Mass tomorrow at 9.30 in the Duomo: the celebration in which the holy oils that will be used for the sacraments are consecrated (the oil of the catechumens for Baptism; the chrism for Confirmation and the Order; the oil for the sacrament of the anointing of the sick). Precisely because of the restrictions due to Covid, no more than 200 people will be allowed to enter the Cathedral, representing the more than 2000 ordained, between diocesans and religious.

12.40 – A study by Bocconi University reveals: the stock exchanges rise after announcements on the spread of infections from Covid-19
The announcements about the Covid-19 epidemic, paradoxically, are good for the stock exchanges. In the moments immediately following the daily official announcements about victims and infections, the stock markets rise. what emerges from an analysis conducted in the Covid Crisis Lab of Bocconi by Mariano Max Croce, full professor of Finance and by two PhD students, Paolo Farroni and Isabella Wolfskeil. The scholars, Bocconi explains, took into consideration the markets of 15 countries and built two datasets on the dissemination of information on Covid-19, one that includes official announcements and one that includes tweets from the major news media (a measure the dissemination of information) and their retweets (a measure of market attention for the pandemic trend).

11.20 am – In Cremona, no Covid patients in intensive care
In Cremona, one of the cities most affected by the coronavirus, there is no longer any patient hospitalized in the intensive care of the Maggiore hospital. The last patient was transferred to pneumology. Intensive care returns to its natural size, after being increased from 8 to 52 places due to the epidemic.

10.35 am – Phase 2: protest of taxis in Milan: The Municipality puts in place vouchers to support the service
A funeral procession, a cardboard coffin with the words taxi, to stage the funeral of the category and ask for help to try to recover at least some customers in Phase 2, after the lockdown, thanks to the use of vouchers. the protest that several dozen taxi drivers staged in Piazza della Scala. We asked the Municipality to identify some weak groups who have to go to work or move to the city but do not want to take public transport because they don’t feel safe – explained Gianfranco Acquaviva of T. Asso Taxi -. These people can use the taxi service with vouchers, our cars are disinfected after each ride and most have plexiglas panels. We ask the Municipality to unlock 400 thousand euros that were intended for the purchase of ecological cars to make discount coupons for the disadvantaged categories.

9 am – Pavia-Palermo, a state flight for the plasma sent to save a positive pregnant woman in Covid and in very serious conditions
Last night, two bags of autoimmune plasma arrived from Palermo hospital for a pregnant woman hospitalized in very serious conditions at the Cervello hospital, who tested positive and returned from London a few days ago. The conditions of the pregnant woman are very serious. intubated and sedated. The bags arrived at Punta Raisi airport and were collected by 118 staff.

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