Coronavirus Lombardia, contagion index drops: “Follow the rules, let’s not go back”


Milan, 22 May 2020 – In Lombardy the relationship between swabs carried out and positive cases: now stands at 1.5%, Thursday was 2.1%. Currently the coronavirus infected in Lombardy are 25.933, 293 more than Thursday out of 19,038 daily swabs analyzed. Since the beginning of the epidemic, the total number of infected people rises to 86,394, Thursday there were 316 new cases with 14,702 swabs performed. There are still 207 people currently hospitalized in one of the intensive care units in Lombardyor 19 fewer on Thursdays while 91 inpatients are not in intensive care (the total is therefore 4,028 patients hospitalized for Covid-19 in one of the Lombard hospitals). Positive data but that photograph a reality of contagion occurred weeks ago. THE deaths in the region, following the coronavirus, they rise to altitude 15,784 or 57 more than on Thursday and therefore slightly decreased in the last 24 hours when there were 65 deaths recorded. At the national level yesterday there were 130 deaths and in eight regions there were no victims caused by the coronavirus. THE healed / discharged there are 1,018 more today for a total of 44,667 people since the beginning of the emergency “However, we must not think in front of these data that tonight we all go to drink the spritz in the city center without masks and all close by but we must have a very prudent behavior It is essential, “said the Regional Welfare Councilor Giulio Gallera.

The numbers in the provinces

The data of the contagion province by province As regards the data of the provinces, the number of coronavirus positive in the province of Milan (+73) of which 9,525 (+35) a Milan city. As for the other provinces, a Bergamo the positives are 12,732 (+51), a Brescia 14.345 (+19), a Como 3,713 (+35), a Cremona 6.374 (+9), a Lecco 2,706 (+7), a Lodi 3,392 (+5), a Mantova 3,310 (+2), a Monza 5,409 (+13), a Pavia 5,151 (+46), a Sondrio 1,407 (+3), a Varese 3,446 (+23).

The rate of contagiousness falls

“In one week the Lombardy Region’s contagiousness index dropped from 0.62 to 0.51, going from moderate to low – Giulio Gallera, regional welfare councilor – we are happy, the great efforts made by citizens and the rigid measures put in place even in these days of reopening are supporting the desired results. We must continue to be cautious, keep your distance and use protections, but these data tell us that we are in Lombardy we are in a new phase “.

Rsa: 30% of guests are positive

According to the information made by the councilor Gallera, 30% of the guests of the Residenze Sanitari for Seniors (RSA) in Lombardy were positive to the Coronavirus. “We concluded the screening in the Rsa, where swabs were made to all the guests – explained Gallera -. 57 thousand tampons, including control ones. The results revealed about 30% of the positives and all were placed in separate areas and treated in a timely manner “.

Lombard infection index: now it is “low”

Yesterday l“Istituto Superiore di Sanit√† has recalculated the contagion index Lombard reducing it from “moderate” to “low”, from 0.62 to 0.51. “Translated: for a person to be infected – said Gallera – he must come into contact with two infected people at the same time”.

Polyclinic, Covid consequences on increased pressure

Between theand consequences of Covid19 there is a constant increase in systemic blood pressure. As it progresses bringing the known respiratory symptoms, Covid-19 progressively evolves into a vascular pathology that determines hemodynamic instability. To say this, a study by the State University of Milan, which shows how infected people are experiencing a progressive degradation of lung endothelial function which is associated with an increase in pressure. The first observations were conducted among 40 medium-intensity Covid patients in the hospital’s cardiorespiratory unit Policlinico.

I pray: I threatened on social media

“On social networks the keyboard lions brutally insult me, accuse me of being part of some plot, of being sold, I also get death threatsreally brutal. Especially with what I’m saying now: be careful of the nightlife and beware that the virus is circulating “. The virologist told Un Giorno da Pecora, on Rai Radio1, Fabrizio Pregliasco, medical director of the IRCCS Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute in Milan and President of Anpas. To the conductor who asked him if he thought of denouncing those who threatened him, Pregliasco replied “yes yes, because it really goes further”. The solidarity of President Fontana went to the virologist.

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