Coronavirus, Locatelli: “Bewilderment for Zangrillo words, virus is still circulating”


“Just look at the number of new cases of positivity to SARS-CoV-2 that are confirmed every day to have evidence of the persistent circulation in Italy of the new coronavirus,” said Locatelli again according to which “having greatly increased the places of therapy Intensive is a huge merit of the national health system, as it has made it possible to offer a clinical response to many patients who otherwise could not have been adequately treated. In addition, these places will remain available for those who in the future will need them also for clinical situations other than Covid -19 “.

“We should all rejoice that the lockdown measures have produced the expected effects by containing the epidemic spread with savings of many human lives and this irrefutable result must push us to continue on the path of responsibility for individual behavior – continues the president of the CSS – not to be discouraged through dangerous statements that forget the drama experienced in this country “. “It is equally clear, even to non-expert eyes, that the clinical management of patients is certainly facilitated today by fewer cases than those observed on peak days and by what has been learned in these months. These are the concrete facts , the rest personal opinions “, concludes Locatelli.

Paw: “Virus is gone? Wrong confusing message” – “The virus is gone? It is a wrong message that risks confusing the Italians. The government’s estimate goes to the Technical Scientific Committee”. This was stated by Undersecretary for Health Sandra Zampa. “According to some experts, there would be no trace of the Covid-19 virus around Italy. If things go better this is thanks to the lockdown measures taken by the government. In any case, – says Zampa – pending scientific evidence a
support of the thesis of the disappearance of the virus, of which reliability we would all be happy, instead I invite those who were sure not to confuse the ideas of the Italians, favoring
health risky behaviors “.

Miozzo (Cts coordinator): “Zangrillo words misleading and dangerous” – “Granted and not granted that similar claims are supported by scientific information, and at the moment there is no evidence, such superficial and misleading words are decidedly dangerous in such a critical moment of transition from a lockdown phase that has involved not only the Italy but the whole world “. The coordinator of the government’s scientific technical committee, Agostino Miozzo, says this in response to Alberto Zangrillo’s statements. Wanting to go from a total lockdown to a ‘free everyone’, reiterates Miozzo, “is worrying and dangerous”. “We will all be happy to share Dr. Zangrillo’s brilliant intuitions, but until proven otherwise, science says other things. Also because – underlines the coordinator of the Scientific Technical Committee – today there are still 80 deaths and hundreds of new cases, including more 50% in the region of Professor Zangrillo “. Perhaps, concludes Miozzo, Zangrillo “meant that what is in Italy today is the result of the good work of doctors and nurses, the maintenance of the health system and the effects of the lockdown”.

Richeldi (Cts): “Virus circulates, wrong misleading messages” – “The virus is still circulating and it is wrong to give misleading messages that do not invite caution”. This was stated by pulmonologist Luca Richeldi, member of the Scientific Technical Committee. “It is undoubtedly true and reassuring that the pressure on hospitals has drastically reduced in recent weeks. However, it should not be forgotten – he notes – that this is the result of the equally drastic measures to contain viral circulation adopted in our country”. “Moreover – affirms Richeldi – it is good to remember that viral circulation is a dynamic process, for which the gradualness and caution in the resumption of economic and social activities must remain our priority. Especially in light of the reopening of June 3rd”. “Besides, it is enough to see how unfortunately the situation is very different in countries, such as Russia, Mexico or India, in which – he concludes – these measures have not been so effective and have not given the comforting results we see in our country”.

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