Coronavirus LIVE, Di Maio: ‘European tourism will reopen on 15 June’. Civic assistants controversy, Salvini ‘silences’ Gallera | First page


The pandemic coronavirus changed the world and follows the main updates of the day in real time.09:20 A meeting, the one between Matteo Salvini and Attilio Fontana, to take stock. Second the day, the leader of the League would have asked to reduce the media exposure and to recalibrate the communication, especially after the public slip of the councilor Giulio Gallera.

09:04 From Palazzo Chigi they make it known that the initiative of civic assistants “fits into those taken by the Civil Protection”. The subjects will not be “in charge of public service and their activity will have nothing to do with the activities for which the police are responsible”.

08:55 Intervened at Borders, up Rai 1, the Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, said: “It will be important that all regions can give homogeneous indications to tourists. We must save the salvable of the summer to help our entrepreneurs. We work to reopen Europe together on June 15th. For tourism it will be the d- European day “.

08:45 The government has launched a call to recruit 60,000 civic assistants to control the nightlife and phase 2. From the opposition, however, they attack: “Civic assistants are a social defeat, it means that there is a cultural problem” the thought of Luca Zaia, president of the Veneto Region. “We are not dealing with delinquents, but with good guys. At this point, if the message has not passed, we have to ask ourselves where we have failed”. Matteo Renziinstead, he comments: “60,000 civic assistants? Does it seem madness to me to have visibility?”. 08:30 There are 31,000 new coronavirus cases across Latin America, which has 1,600 new deaths. In Brazil there are 374,898 infections, with 23,473 deaths. In the US, however, 532 deaths have been recorded in the last 24 hours.

We are moving towards normality at different speeds. According to Corriere della Sera, Lombardy and Piedmont – perhaps also Emilia-Romagna – could delay the opening of borders by 7-14 days.

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