Coronavirus LIVE: Boccia: ‘Health passport against the Constitution’. Over 100,000 questions at INPS, Zaia: ‘Fundamental discos, I want to reopen them on June 15th’ | First page


The pandemic coronavirus changed the world and follows the main updates of the day in real time.10:54 Rudolf Anschober, Austrian health minister, spoke to the newspaper Oberoesterreichischen Nachrichten: “Italy is still an outbreak, even if the commitment is great and the situation in some regions has improved. We must still be cautious with Italy”.

10:05 Over 100,000 emergency income applications have been submitted to INPS until yesterday. The Institute announced this through a note: of these, 63,140 come from citizens, 37,118 from patronage and 44,000 from domestic workers.

09.51 Luca Zaia, President of the Veneto Region, said: “Nightlife and discos are fundamental for the economy of us in the Veneto. I plan to reopen them on June 15. If the indicators are good, in June I open cinemas, theaters and all the shows” .

10.17 Francesco Boccia, Minister of Regional Affairs, spoke at the hearing of the Cmaera: “Health passport? Reread article 120 of the Constitution, a region cannot take measures that hinder the free movement of people. And if scientists say that there are no health passports , there are not”.

09:10 Alberto Mantovani, immunologist and scientific director of Humanitas of Rozzano, spoke on the columns of the Corriere della Sera, explaining: “Tests for the detection of virus antibodies are a valuable tool for assessing the prevalence and spread, but they do not give an immunity license. On the individual to date, we still do not know if the presence of a certain amount of antibodies is the spy of an immune response that ensures protection against infection.When there are antibodies, it is possible that the virus is still present, which is why you need the buffer to exclude it. The vast majority of people either do not get sick or do it blandly: in this case we do not know if the induced immune response, of which the presence of antibodies is a spy, is truly protective or if these people risk a new infection“.

09:00 There are 100,442 deaths in the United States. The total cases, however, are 1,699,933.

08.55 Walt Disney reopens its doors: the Florida park – closed from March 15th – will be open again in mid-July with reduced capacity. Absent, however, the mascot Mickey Mouse. 08:52 According to documents from the Civil aviation administration of China, published by the Global Times, the China launched a preferential lane for charter flights from 8 countries, including Italy. Instead, the US is absent.

08:46 The number of infected in dating South KoreaQ: there are 79 new cases in the last 24 hours.

08:42 The Covid-free provincial label lasted a few hours: a Trapani 4 new cases of coronavirus were registered.

08:34 The death toll rises to 25,598 Brazil, with 1,086 deaths recorded in the past 24 hours. The new cases, however, are 20,599, for a total of 411,821.

08.30 Domenico Arcuri, Commissioner for Emergency, spoke in the Social Affairs Committee in the House, explaining: “Chinese masks? Poor Italian companies take time to reach maximum production, they have been doing it for decades in China. In September there will be no more Chinese masks, the Italian ones will be sufficient for our needs “.

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