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The Community of Sant’Egidio launches an international appeal because a company that applies selective healthcare is intolerable. Without the elderly there is no future. The reflection condensed in a letter signed by Andrea Riccardi (Sant’Egidio), together with Prodi, Habermas, Sachs, Gonzalez, Pttering, Zuppi, Bokova, De Rita and other personalities, translated into several languages ​​and distributed today – Wednesday 20 May – internationally. The appeal addressed to everyone, citizens and institutions, for a decisive change of mentality that leads to new initiatives, social and health, towards elderly populations endangered by the pandemic. Meanwhile Rome is dealing with the economic crisis caused by the long period of closure of activities during the quarantine and to give a boost to the recovery,

17.40 hours The Region: in Lazio today 28 cases (16 in Rome) and 7 dead
In the region, we record 28 positive cases in the past 24 hours. So the councilor for Health of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato, at the end of today’s videoconference of the regional task force for Covid-19 with the general managers of the Local Health Authorities and Hospital and University Hospital and Children’s Hospital Ges Ges. The commissioner specifies that, again in the last 24 hours, there have been 7 deaths, while the recovered have increased by 21 units, thus reaching 3,100 in total. From the data provided in the bulletin it is clear that the number of new positives registered in Rome in the last 24 hours of 16 out of the 28 total of the Region. As for personal protective equipment, today 30,900 surgical masks, 14,000 FFP2 masks, 4,800 FFP3 masks, 2,500 waterproof gowns, 2 are distributed in healthcare facilities.

5.30 pm Solidarity fund also extended to the health professions, from laboratory and radiology technicians to dieticians
After a dense correspondence with the institutions, finally we came to the publication of the DL Relaunch which extends the Solidarity Fund for compensation to the families of healthcare workers victims of Covid-19, adjusting the omissions of the first draft, which “forgot” the 19 professions healthcare professionals including radiology technicians, speech therapists, laboratory technicians, health assistants, occupational therapists, dietitians, physiotherapists. This was announced by the president of the National Federation of Health Professions, Alessandro Beux. Our Federation, 19 professions for 220 thousand technicians, was the first to ask for state intervention with this aim, proposing a conciliation table, only to be mocked by the wording of art. 22-bis of the previous DL, so-called Cura Italia, who had foreseen that only family members of doctors, nurses and social-health workers could benefit from the fund. The prompt and prompt reporting of the FNOs created the conditions necessary to determine the publication of art. 10 of the DL Relaunch which corrects the error. At this point, given the need for implementing decrees – underlines the lawyer. Laila Perciballi – even more evident the usefulness of a comparison table to allow the families of healthcare workers victims of Covid-19 to access the Solidarity Fund and avoid other errors.We await the timely convocation of the comparison table so as to agree, in a dialogue involving all the national Federations of the Orders concerned and the subjects involved in various capacities,

16.30 San Camillo Hospital: no lack of individual safety devices. Gloves, masks and suits always in sufficient numbers
To date – says the Director General of San Camillo Fabrizio d’Alba – there is no risk of lack of gloves and in general of PPE (personal protective equipment) for employees and patients who are taken in charge by the structure every day . The availability of the devices in adequate numbers, monitored daily by the Company and communicated to the Civil Protection which at regional level provides for the distribution of what is necessary. The Covid Emergency – explains the Director – required the availability and use of a large number of devices, tools necessary to protect the safety of employees and citizens. A commitment and an obligation that the Strategic Management has made its own right from the start, thus also contributing to overcoming the emergency phase linked to the Coronavirus.

4pm: The protest of the merchants in Piazza Barberini, It won’t be all right
Traders from the historic center take to the streets to protest the crisis caused by the lockout due to the coronavirus emergency. Today, a group of shopkeepers, mothers, and even some paps with their children, have decided to protest in Piazza Barberini, in Rome, distributing flyers in which they present their difficulties. Posters with the background of a rainbow, the one that, in the first days of the block, was made to draw children to keep them busy. Many signs, in the month of March, were hung on the balconies of all Italy by children who colored rainbows and wrote the famous phrase Andra ‘tutto bene. In the merchants’ leaflet, against the background of the rainbow, bitter words, a sign of crisis: Andr all right! ? So why do mom and dad close the shutters? I believed it but mom and dad don’t work anymore! .

3pm: regional call for 640 thousand euros in aid for renting cinemas
online the public notice with which the Lazio Region has an extraordinary allocation of over 640 thousand euros to contribute, as has already happened with theaters, to the payment of the rental fees of the halls for the months of forced closure due to the Covid-19 emergency ( March, April and May 2020). An important measure – explains President Nicola Zingaretti – to offer concrete help to a sector particularly affected by the economic emergency of these months. Due to the closure of the cinemas and the consequent lack of receipts due to the absence of spectators, many companies are now in difficulty, and for this reason we have allocated special funds that can be used to face expenses such as the often high fees of the premises . The call for micro,

13 hours: (Clarida Salvatori) epidemiological investigation, only 9 confirmed cases of coronavirus
So far everything is proceeding according to expectations. When the epidemiological investigation began in Lazio, out of 300 thousand health workers and law enforcement personnel, the Region and Spallanzani had declared that they expected a 3% positive. And from the 19,414 serological tests conducted so far, 422 have tested positive. Taken in charge by the regional health system and subjected to oropharyngeal swab, the skimming of the possible infections was significant: only 9 confirmed cases of coronavirus. We went to find people potentially dangerous for the spread of Covid-19 – the words of the regional councilor at Sanit, Alessio D’Amato – and we found them. Now comes the most difficult phase – said the President of the Region, Nicola Zingaretti – that of strategic choices.Indeed the mask will have to become the fashion of the summer even if with the heat annoy. There are several points on which the regional health system will punch from now on. First of all, a system that arrives in the area, in neighborhoods and in small towns, also and above all with telemedicine. Secondly, the serological tests, which in addition to verifying the asymptomatic will be included in the Lea (care levels) also for the most disadvantaged income brackets. We then move on to the mandatory – already confirmed – of the flu vaccine for those over 65, to arrive at the possibility of an entirely Italian production of the Covid vaccine.

12 noon: Spallanzani, 46 positive and 51 under investigation
The daily bulletin of Spallanzani doctors who let it be known that 97 patients are currently hospitalized at the Institute, 46 of whom are positive at Covid-19 and 51 under investigation. The Roman hospital states that 12 more serious patients need respiratory support.

11 am: Amazon, look for staff in Colleferro. 500 places in three years
Amazon has started the process of selecting the warehouse staff of the new Colleferro distribution center in the metropolitan city of Rome. Starting today, informs a note, it is possible to apply on the website to the positions of warehouse operator at the new center where the company plans to create 500 permanent jobs within three years from the start of the activity. By connecting to the site, anyone interested in working on Amazon will also have the opportunity to register for the virtual meetings (Recruiting Day), organized by the employment agencies that collaborate with Amazon for the selection of personnel, during which they will be presented in detail as a function. the selection process and the peculiarities of the tasks.

10 am: Eataly reopens restaurants in the Ostiense, a carBIOnara dish symbol of the restart
After the closure imposed by the restrictions to contain the pandemic, Eataly Ostiense restaurants reopen today. In all restaurants it is possible to have lunch or dinner in safety and return to gratify yourself with the pleasure of eating away from home thanks to an important work done on staff training, on restaurant spaces and on the food and wine offer. The earth, small Italian producers and their excellences supply the raw materials of great dishes and novelties, explains Eataly in a note. The dish chosen as a symbol of the restart of Eataly’s restaurant is a popular recipe ennobled with Italian ingredients, 100% organic and high quality: the carBIOnara, made with the half pacchero of Gragnano Igp Afeltra, the eggs of Claudio Olivero, the bacon La Granda and the pecorino romano Dop Cibaria.

9.30: hypochondriacs and more informed, so the Italians after the lockdown
If it cannot be shown that the Covid-19 has made us better people, we can certainly say that it scared us a lot and at the same time pushed towards the search for more detailed and reliable information. According to a research on over 1,500 people carried out by, more than one user in two has lived with a phobic attitude the days when the number of new people infected increased at a rapid pace. In fact, 52% of the interviewees declared that they had made many sacrifices for fear of getting hurt even inside their own home, for example avoiding doing sports or doing big cleaning. In a context of health emergency, the fight against fake news was even more decisive against the dissemination of fake and dangerous information for everyone’s health. From the survey, 6 out of 10 said they had only read news from official and recognized newspapers.

8.30 am: Raggi, Rome ready to welcome tourists
When I start touring the Regions, I invite all Italians to do tourism in Italy and above all to come to Rome, a city rich in art and culture. The capital is leaving, ready to welcome tourists and visitors in compliance with the new Covid rules. Mayor Virginia Raggi’s invitation from Radio24 microphones .

7.30 am: Without elderly people there is no future, the appeal of the Community of Sant’Egidio
In the Covid-19 pandemic, the elderly are in danger in many European countries as elsewhere. The dramatic numbers of deaths in the institution make you shiver. There will be a lot to be reviewed in public health systems and in the good practices necessary to reach and treat everyone effectively, to overcome institutionalization. We are concerned about the sad stories of the massacres of elderly people in the institution. The idea is taking hold that it is possible to sacrifice their lives for others. Pope Francis speaks of it as a “waste culture”: it deprives the elderly of the right to be considered people, but only a number and in some cases not even that. And starting from these reflections from Sant’Egidio I left a letter to re-humanize society against a selective health.

7 am: Rays, soon expanding dehors and more outdoor tables
The Romans were very good and very respectful of the rules. The city has seen some people come back to experience it. Yesterday I went around the restaurants: someone went there. In the next few hours I will approve a provision for exhibitors to expand outdoors: fewer tables inside, we try to bring more outside. Mayor Virginia Raggi announced. (Read the full article)

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