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15.40: Capitol, 4 million allocated for the opening of summer camps
Roma Capitale has allocated an additional 4 million euros for the opening of summer camps throughout the city. These resources, reads a note from the Capitol, can thus be added to the 2 million euros already allocated to the Municipalities for 2020 which can be used for the construction of summer camps. The individual Municipalities will be able to access additional funding by presenting projects that respect the guidelines for summer centers prepared by the government. “Funding summer camps is investing in the return to normality of our children: a concrete contribution, so that children and young people have the opportunity to have fun and learn within the various proposed projects, socializing and interacting with others in complete safety – he Mayor Raggi explained – We also want to give support to parents who return to work, also thinking in September, thanks to the contribution of the experts who joined the Capitoline task force for the School in full swing to give added value to educational paths and didactic programs for children ».

2.45 pm: Vatican Museums after the lockdown, paradise for a few
In fact, tomorrow they reopen but, due to the ban on moving between the regions, few visitors have booked. «No sold out», explains the director Barbara Jatta, on the eve of the reopening of the Pope’s Museums, one of the five top museums in the world. The halls of the museums are ready to receive visitors after the sanitization and also after the precious finds of Raphael’s works, with the attribution to the master of the allegories of Justice and Friendship, painted in oil among the frescoes of the Constantine Hall , one of the most famous Raphael Rooms, which came out thanks to the restoration work started during the lockdown in the absence of tourists. Before the coronavirus, the Vatican Museums traveled on an average of 6 million visitors a year and indeed, the theme of “zero growth” had been raised from many sides so as not to wear down a unique artistic heritage for the history of humanity . From tomorrow, in compliance with the rules of hygiene and distance, all those who have access will be subjected to body temperature control and the entry of visitors will be allowed only if equipped with a mask. “In order to better quota the entrances”, it is further explained, the reservation will be mandatory, which can be made from the official website, without the right of pre-sale of 4 euros. The opening hours will also change: from Monday to Thursday the Pontifical Collections will remain open from 10 to 20, with last entry at 18; Friday and Saturday from 10 to 22, with last entry at 20.

11.45 am: Spallanzani bulletin
«At the moment 77 patients are hospitalized in our institute, 28 of which are positive for Covid-19 and 49 undergoing investigations. Eight need respiratory support – so the daily bulletin of the Institute for infectious diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani – Discharged and transferred to home in 461 “.

11.30 am: Senior centers closed until 30 June
The closure of the elderly social centers in Rome has been extended until 30 June, with the gradual reopening of residential and semi-residential structures: swimming pool and gym activities at rest homes, co-housing, apartment groups, prompt reception centers are allowed, family houses for various frailties and the Iride house, in compliance with the rules of social distancing and without any gathering. This is what is established by a union order. New insertions will be possible after carrying out serological tests or swabs. Relatives and visitors will be able to access residential facilities for the elderly only in the cases indicated by the facility, in compliance with the distance regulations and with the obligation of a mask and gloves.

11.15 am: Positive an employee of the Municipality of Anzio
An asymptomatic municipal employee tested positive for Covid-19. The mayor of Anzio, Candido De Angelis: “With the ASL and the technical committee, in compliance with the protocols already shared, all the procedures for preventing and combating the virus have been activated”.

8.45 am: A social task force on the Capitol
After starting one focused on educational and school services, Roma Capitale also puts in place a social task force, with staff inside the services but also external professionals, to help redesign social assistance services together with the administration starting from phase 2 In particular, the daytime semi-residential services are placed at the center of the action, with socializing, aggregative, recreational, training and rehabilitative functions, the centers and spaces supporting services and families and the reception methods inside facilities for people at greatest risk of social exclusion.

8.15 am: Snodo Mandrione opens, integration and inclusion laboratory
Rome restarts from the social. And it starts again from those who need it most and from the most affected fragile subjects: in the heart of Rome opens Snodo Mandrione. A physical place, first of all, but also a network of synergies that will intervene in an area with a difficult history and great nuances in a period that sees the most at risk bands more exposed than ever. Always an open-air laboratory of integration and inclusion, the cradle of the “Zammataro method”, Mandrione confirms its vocation as a “factory” for social and recovery thanks to Snodo Mandrione, the new multipurpose center, Aps and Arci club, born in interior of what used to be an ancient Roman timber factory. Typical Capitoline shop, the joint fell into disuse in the eighties, transforming itself into an industrial archeology skeleton that still told the story of a Rome that has now disappeared. After years of decay, the shacks in via del Mandrione are restored to new life and are transformed into Snodo Mandrione.

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