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Rome tries to start again, the idea of ​​the mayor of Raggi to leave the Ztl open until August 30, but the controversy breaks out with the president of the Capitoline Mobility Commission Enrico Stefno: It is useless to proceed at random, trying to please everyone. Meanwhile, the tourism crisis caused by the pandemic in Rome is hitting hard: 90% of Roman hotels remain closed due to lack of customers and the loss of at least 100 million a month. Explain the president of Federalberghi Roma Giuseppe Roscioli : I myself do not reopen any of those closed. I kept two active and one I think to close it: you cannot work with three or four occupied rooms. And many hoteliers – he adds – do not think of reopening at all, with the exception of family-run ones. And if the layoff ends, we will have to lay off a few tens of thousands of people. And yesterday too Federalbeghi’s national president, Bernab Bocca, has raised an alarm over the unsustainable burden of rents: According to a study by Ernst & Young, the need for cooperation between owners and tenants of properties emerged. among others, a symbolic hotel in Rome such as the Hassler in Trinit dei Monti, where Audrey Hepburn also stayed, has been closed: I have not yet decided when to reopen – says the owner Roberto Wirth -. a bit like playing cards, let’s wait. However, we prepared with a very quick check in: customers send documents first and an application will open the door to the rooms. But from Viln, a 5-star luxury hotel in via dell’Arancio, near via Condotti, a sign of hope comes: We have 5 reservations for June, we reopen.

12.40: Capitol, at work with a social task force
After the working group focused on education and school services, Roma Capitale also puts in place a task-force for the Social, with staff inside the services but also external professionals, to help redesign together with the administration the social and socio-welfare services to starting from phase 2, in compliance with the provisions and guidelines of the government. In particular, from the Capitol, at the center of the action, inform the daytime semi-residential services, with socializing, aggregative, recreational, training and rehabilitation functions, the centers and spaces in support of services and families and the reception modalities inside the facilities for people at greatest risk of social exclusion.

12.30: third appeal by the immunologist Cristina Rinaldi, mandatory masks everywhere
Cristina Rinaldi, former professor of Immunology and Immunopathology of Wisdom, launches a third appeal to the President of the Conte Council, the Minister of Health, his deputy and the presidents of the Regions: Given the imminent opening of inter-regional circulation, given that there is still a daily increase of at least 500 new positive cases, of which about 70% only in Lombardy and that social distancing is very difficult to observe, as evidenced in the last two weeks by the general behavior of the population and in particular and among young people, without prejudice to the importance of always identifying and testing all contacts of positive subjects through the application of Active Surveillance, as already widely reported in my two previous appeals of March 28 and April 28, 2020, now widely recognized that masks can hold back respiratory droplet and which therefore can also retain the virus contained in it nute: therefore their correct use can strongly contribute to containment. epidemic. For this reason Professor Rinaldi asks: to effectively make the use of masks for everyone (children and adults) in all public places both outdoors and indoors, until the epidemic is completely extinguished.

11.10 am Sant’Egidio: the Republic of Cyprus sends aid to the community to deal with the economic emergency
The government of the Republic of Cyprus has decided to activate these days, through the Community of Sant’Egidio, which makes them known in a press release, support for the people most in difficulty, in Italy, due to the pandemic. The aid, received thanks to the interest of the Ambassador of Cyprus to the Holy See, George Poulides, will make it possible to increase food distributions and personal protective equipment.

11 am: Stefno (M5s) against Rays on open Ztl Cos you lose credibility
The president of the Capitoline Mobilit Commission Enrico Stefano, of the M5s, attacks the mayor Raggi’s choice to extend with an ordinance the stop of the Ztl until August 30, adopted by the Capitol in relation to the quota of access to public transport given the epidemic of COVID-19. If you reactivate the tariffed parking, if you create a network of “transitional” cycle lanes, if you implement the sharing services with innovative means such as scooters, if you increase the possibility of putting tables outside, logic, consistency, linearity, common sense, would also impose the reactivation of the Ztl. But no, we proceed at random, satisfying one and today the other, even if these screech strongly among themselves, writes Stefano on Facebook. To please everyone – he continues – you don’t please anyone, and in fact you stand against everyone, because you can’t always do everything a little. And you lose that thing that for me is fundamental in life even before in politics, consistency and credibility. Then Stefano concludes: Opening the Ztl is useless, if not to create upstream traffic and to penalize public transport which instead should be supported at this stage, thus making the center less accessible. In response, Raggi presented the new shared electric scooter service, offered by the Lime company and now available on the streets of the capital. We are flooding the city with shared media. The pandemic made us understand that some of our habits were no longer sustainable, so we tried to intervene to change lifestyles and customs in order to improve our society.

10 am: Santa Marinella, volunteers of the Civil Protection in support of the local police on the beach
The support device to the local police of the Municipality of Santa Marinella (Rome) has been activated today to assist bathers on the beaches, in which three Civil Protection volunteers will be engaged, with shifts that will begin at 8 am and until 18 for four days a week until June 2nd. This is an activity to combat crowds in beach resorts during the health emergency from Covid-19.

9.10 am: Municipal museums: on Tuesdays the civics, Forum and Circus Maximus reopen
From 2 June all the spaces of the Museum System in the Municipality of Rome Capital, Department of Cultural Growth – Capitoline Superintendence for Cultural Heritage, reopen to the public. After the resumption of the activities of the Capitoline Museums and the Museum of Rome in Palazzo Braschi, on 19 May, the Ara Pacis Museum, Mercati di Traiano – Museum of the Imperial Forums, Centrale Montemartini, Museum of Rome in Trastevere, reopen of Modern Art, Museums of Villa Torlonia, Civic Museum of Zoology, Carlo Bilotti Museum – Aranciera of Villa Borghese, Museum of Ancient Sculpture Giovanni Barracco, Napoleonic Museum, Pietro Canonica Museum, Museum of the Roman Republic and Garibaldi’s memory, Casal Museum de ‘Pazzi, Museum of the Walls. From the same date, the archaeological areas of the Imperial Forums (entrance from the Trajan’s Column and exit from the Forum of Caesar on Via dei Fori Imperiali), from 8.30 to 19.15 (last entrance 18.15), and of the Circus Maximus (excluding Circus) Maximo Experience), from 9.30 to 19 (last admission 18). From 29 May it is possible to book the entrance and the time slot at 060608 or online on the website For holders of the MIC card the reservation at 060608 is mandatory and free.

9 am: covid and multiple sclerosis, more services, more rights, more research
Taking advantage of the teachings of these months and rethinking the future: the meaning of restarting for Aism – Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association. Starting from our experience of lockdown, it is necessary to make citizens’ security choices coexist with the guarantee of answers not only to those with a serious chronic disease, such as multiple sclerosis but also other pathologies. This is why we have worked on a strategic map of actions because starting again does not mean restoring normalcy but experiencing what the emergency to a pandemic has taught us to look to the future with new eyes’ says Mario Alberto Battaglia, President of the Foundation Italian Multiple Sclerosis. And precisely on the occasion of the World Multiple Sclerosis Day (it will be celebrated in 70 countries around the world) that Saturday 30 May, as usual, Aism offers institutions a moment of sharing and comparison. This year takes place with the presentation of the preview of the MS Barometer: the Covid-19 and SM dossier, the reading of the reality of multiple sclerosis through the lens of another emergency, the pandemic that has affected our country and the whole world.

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