Coronavirus, latest news May 25


229,858 infections by Coronavirus Covid-19 in Italy, with an increase of 50 deaths yesterday according to the Civil Protection bulletin. Here is the map of contagion in the Italian regions:

Lombardy: 87,110

Piedmont: 30.180

Emilia Romagna: 27.558

Veneto: 19,086

Tuscany: 10,062

Liguria: 9,480

Lazio: 7,627

Brands: 6,714

Campania: 4,749

Puglia: 4,458

Trento: 4,404

Sicily: 3,423

Friuli VG: 3,236

Abruzzo: 3,226

Bolzano: 2,593

Umbria: 1,430

Sardinia: 1,356

Aosta Valley: 1,178

Calabria: 1,157

Molise: 452

Basilicata: 399

Gyms, swimming pools and driving schools in Italy reopen today, Monday 25 May. The serological investigation of a sample of 150 thousand citizens is starting today. The Prime Minister Conte convened yesterday a majority meeting for the school decree, meanwhile two possible dates of recovery of the Serie A arrive (on 13 or 20 June) following the arrival of the protocol to restart the championship. Deputy Minister Sileri said that the Immune infection tracking app may be available within 10 days.

5.3 million Coronavirus infections worldwide, of which 432 thousand died. India marks the record of cases (about 6700 in a single day) and in Russia it is a record of deaths in 24 hours. The tension between Beijing and Washington continues, China warns: “We are one step away from a new cold war”. The United Kingdom is preparing for the reopening of the country, which should also include a partial restart of schools. The President of Chile said that the country’s health system is close to contagion after recording 3709 new cases: there are 69,102 total cases with 718 victims.

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