Coronavirus, latest news from the world: Trump postpones the G7 after Merkel’s lump sum. Almost 368 thousand victims in the world, Brazil exceeds France by deaths


Trump postpones G7 after Merkel flat rate, Brazil overtakes France by victims

Donald Trump told reporters that he will postpone the G7 he wanted to hold in the White House in late June, after Chancellor Angela Merkel had refused his invitation to participate in person for the coronavirus pandemic. The president plans to organize it in September.

The number of certified coronavirus victims in Latin America has reached 50 thousand, compared to a total of 1 million cases in the region. Brazil has overtaken France and since yesterday has become the fourth country in the world by number of coronavirus-related deaths: 28,834, according to the Brazilian Ministry of Health. With 210 million inhabitants, the South American giant recorded 956 additional deaths in 24 hours and a new daily record of infections (26,928), for a total of 465,166 people infected since the start of the pandemic. Brazil lags far behind the United States, the country most affected with at least 103,000 deaths, followed by the United Kingdom (38,376) and Italy (33,340).

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