Coronavirus, latest news from the world May 30: 363 thousand victims worldwide. Brazil outperforms Spain by deaths


Belgium, 23 deaths and 125 infections

In Belgium there are 23 deaths related to the Covid-19 pandemic recorded in the last 24 hours. The country’s health authorities make it known in their daily bulletin. The total number of victims thus rises to 9,453, 51% of whom died in a nursing home. However, of the latter only 25% of the infection has been confirmed, while the rest are considered suspicious.

The situation continues to improve in hospitals, which currently have 173 ICU patients, 24 fewer than yesterday. 29 new hospitalizations, for a total of 890, while 87 people have been discharged in the last 24 hours (15,769 since 15 March). The new confirmed cases are 125, for a total of 58,186 since the outbreak of the pandemic. “New infections continue to be diagnosed in our area, but the trend is decreasing,” write the health authorities.

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