Coronavirus, latest data. The curve rebounds: 593 new cases. 64.4% are in Lombardy


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According to the Civil Protection, the current positives drop by 2,980 units while the healed ones grow by 2.38%. Seventy died in one day

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According to the Civil Protection, the current positives drop by 2,980 units while the healed ones grow by 2.38%. Seventy died in one day

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In Italy the infections are growing again. There are 231,732 cases of coronavirus at 5pm on May 28, 593 more than the previous day. The currently positive are 47,986, down by 2,980 units in comparison with Wednesday (-5.85%). The deaths of the last 24 hours are 70 (+ 0.21%) and bring the total, since the beginning of the epidemic, to 33,142. The healed, however, were 3,503 in the name of a 2.38% trend day on day. This is the picture that emerges from the daily data of the Civil Protection on the pandemic in Italy. At the moment there are 7,379 hospitalized (-4.52%) of which 489 in intensive care, 16 less than the previous day. It drops below 500: it had never happened since March 6th. The patients in home isolation, however, are 40,118 (-6.11% in 24 hours). Today’s findings are based on 75,893 swabs made, compared to 67,324 on Wednesday 27 May.

In Lombardy 64.4% of new cases

In Lombardy, in the last 24 hours, there are 382 new cases, compared to 384 on Wednesday, when – according to the reconstruction of the Region – a «residue» of 168 positive swabs from previous days arrived from Bergamo. In the region where the epidemic originated, in short, 64.4% of new cases are located. Emilia Romagna (+74) and Piedmont (+58) follow. So Lazio (+21), while all the other regions have less than 20 cases. Four zero infections: Umbria, Sardinia, Calabria and Basilicata.

Veneto, eight infections

There are eight new cases of coronavirus positivity recorded in Veneto, for a total of 19,125 subjects since the beginning of the epidemic. No deaths have occurred since Wednesday evening. The overall death toll therefore remains at 1,898. There are 2,025 currently positive people, 15,202 virological negative patients, 2,142 patients in home isolation. In intensive care, 34 patients remain, 426 are hospitalized in a non-critical area.

Tuscany, only four new cases

Data again decreased for the new cases of coronavirus in Tuscany: only four new infections (+0.04) registered compared to Wednesday, when there were 12 more. The total thus rises to 10,086. Unfortunately, two more deaths are recorded, a man and a woman with an average age of 74.5 years, which bring the total number of patients who have died since the beginning of the epidemic to 1,029. The healed grow by 1.1%, equal to 82 more, and reach 7,677 (76.1% of the total cases). The tests performed in total are 242,687, 4,020 more than on Wednesday, those analyzed today are 3,947. The currently positive are today 1,380, -5.5% compared to the previous day. These are the data relating to the trend of the epidemic in Tuscany released by the Region. Overall, 1,227 people are in solitary confinement at home, as they have mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment or are symptom-free (minus 70 compared to Wednesday, minus 5.4%). There are 6,782 (311 less than yesterday, minus 4.4%) people, also isolated, in active surveillance, because they have had contact with infected people. Inpatients are still decreasing: a total of 153, 10 less on Wednesday (less 6.1%) of which 27 in intensive care (4 less than the previous day, less 12.9%). Among the healed 1,385 people are “clinically” (plus 38 compared to 27 May, plus 2.8%), 6,292 (plus 44 compared to yesterday, plus 0.7%), in all respects.


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Spallanzani, 83 hospitalized patients

At this time, “83 patients are hospitalized at the Spallanzani Institute in Rome, including 31 positive for Covid and 52 undergoing investigations. Eight patients need respiratory support. This morning 459 patients are discharged and transferred to their homes or to other local structures ». This is what emerges from the medical bulletin of the Institute of excellence in the fight against epidemics.

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