Coronavirus, latest data: another 584 cases and 117 deaths. The Lombard “arrears” weigh


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According to the Civil Protection, there are currently 50,966 positives in Italy. 2,416 healed in the last 24 hours

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According to the Civil Protection, there are currently 50,966 positives in Italy. 2,416 healed in the last 24 hours

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There are 231,139 coronavirus cases at 17 on Wednesday 27 May, an increase of 584 units compared to the previous day (+ 1.01%). The currently positive are 50,966, 1,976 less in comparison with Tuesday (-3.73%) while there are 117 deaths in the last 24 hours (+ 0.35%) which bring the overall figure, from the beginning of the epidemic, to share 33.072. 2,416 recovered on the last day (+ 1.66% compared to the previous day’s total).
This is the picture that emerges from the daily data of the Civil Protection. At the moment in Italy there are 7,729 hospitalized with symptoms (-2.37%) of which 505 in intensive care, 16 less in comparison with Tuesday 26 May. On the other hand, patients in home isolation are 42,732 (-3.98%). Today’s findings are the result of 67,324 swabs made compared to 57,674 of the previous day. The positive / swab ratio is 3% against 1.7% on Tuesday.

Lombard data to be “purified”

Once again the “engine” of the epidemic seems to be Lombardy where there are 384 new cases, compared to 159 new infections of the previous day. In practice, 65.75% of the new cases would belong to the region from which the infection originated. But this is a fact to be taken with pliers: the province of Bergamo has in fact certified a “residue” of 168 infections dating back to the past few days but certified only now. Skimming the 384 contagions of Lombardy from the residual of 168, the 216 truly “new” certified cases are obtained. There were 58 deaths for a total of 15,954 since the beginning of the epidemic. The number of ICU patients still falls: 3801 are in intensive care, 175 of which are in intensive care (eight less on Tuesday) and 3626 in the other wards (+4). Behind Lombardy there are Piedmont (+73) and Liguria (+39), while all the other regions have less than 20 new cases.

Veneto, only six new cases

There are only six new cases of coronavirus positivity recorded in the last 24 hours in Veneto, for a total of 19,113 subjects since the beginning of the epidemic. Today’s bulletin of the Region updates with only one deaths in hospitals (none in the RSA) the number of victims, thus rising to 18,887. All data on infections and patients being treated in hospitals are decreasing: in the normal Covid wards 439 patients are currently hospitalized (15 less than Tuesday), while in intensive care 36 (-2).


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Tuscany, slight increase in infections

Slight increase in new infections in Tuscany (+12 on Tuesday), where the total coronavirus positive rises to 10,082 people and the recovered, between clinical and viral, grow by 0.9% and reach 7,595 while six new deaths are recorded (four in Florence, one in Massa, one in Siena) for a total of 1,027 deaths. Net of healed and deceased, the currently positive are today 1,460 (-4.1%) according to data released by the Tuscany region. There are now 1,297 positive people in solitary confinement at home with mild symptoms, who do not require hospital treatment or without symptoms, and there are 7,093 isolated people, in active surveillance, because they have had contact with infected people. The number of people hospitalized in the beds dedicated to Covid patients is still reduced, which today are a total of 163, 16 less on Tuesday (-8.9%) of which 31 in intensive care (three less than the previous day, -8, 8%). It is the lowest point since 9 March 2020 for intensive care. Of the 7,595 healed, 1,347 are “clinically healed” and 6,248 the viral healed, with double negative swab.


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Umbria, another day without cases

Another day with no new Covid cases ascertained, 1,431 in total, nor new victims, 75, in Umbria. Where according to data updated by the Region the currently positive drops to 45 (-4). There are 1,311 healed (+4) and 13 clinically healed (+6). Currently they are hospitalized in 15 (+1) for coronavirus, two (unchanged) in intensive care. People in absentia isolation are 30 (-5). Overall, 66,202 swabs (+1206) were performed by 8 am on 27 May.

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