Coronavirus, latest data: another 516 positive in Italy. 68.6% are in Lombardy


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According to the Civil Protection, the currently positive drop of 1,811 units, healed and discharged up 1.48%. 68.6% of the new infections are in Lombardy

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According to the Civil Protection, the currently positive drop of 1,811 units, healed and discharged up 1.48%. 68.6% of the new infections are in Lombardy

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There are 232,248 coronavirus cases at 5pm on Friday 29 May, 516 more than the previous day (+ 0.22%). The currently positive results are 46,175, or 1,811 less than on Thursday (-3.77%). In the last 24 hours, the healed were 2,240 (+ 1.48%). The deaths on the last day stood at 87 and brought the total, since the beginning of the epidemic, to 33,229 units (+ 0.26%). This is the picture that emerges from the daily data of the Civil Protection.

In Lombardy 68.6% of new cases

At present in Italy for Covid-19 7,094 people (-3.86%) are hospitalized with symptoms, of which 475 in intensive care, a decrease of 14 units in 24 hours. The patients undergoing dominciliary isolation, on the other hand, are 38,606 (-3.76%). Today’s findings are the result of 72,135 swabs made, compared to the record figure of 75,893 on the previous day. The buffer / positive ratio drops to 0.71%, compared to 0.78% on Thursday. Looking at the new cases, 354 are located in Lombardy, practically 68.6% of the total. Piedmont (+56) and Emilia Romagna (+38) follow, while all the other regions have less than 20 cases. No contagion in Valle d’Aosta, Umbria, Abruzzo, Calabria and Basilicata. The Marches report that 11 deaths previously counted have been removed from the list of coronavirus deaths which, as a result of further findings, were found not to be attributable to the pandemic.

In Lombardy 82 more hospitalized

In Lombardy, the total number of patients stands at 22,683, a decrease of 230 units. The deaths were 38 and bring the total beyond 16 thousand, while the intensive care remains unchanged for 173 hospitalized people. Otherwise, the number of inpatients not in intensive care reaches 8252 by 82 units. Instead the number of the healed is increased to 49,842 (+546). In all, over 14 thousand samples were made.


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Veneto, only nine new cases

There are only nine new cases of coronavirus positivity recorded in Veneto in the last 24 hours, for a total of 19,134 infected since the beginning of the epidemic. This was announced by the Region bulletin, which unfortunately updates the number of victims with eight other deaths, thus rising (between hospitals and rest homes) to 1,906. The number of inpatients still falls: 31 (-3) are currently in intensive care, of which 24 already negative, and 411 (-15) are patients in the normal Covid wards, including 274 negative.


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Lazio, record of recovered and discharged

In Lazio there are 16 cases with a trend of 0.2%. It is a record of the healed (245) and of the discharged (218) while there are 13 deaths. In Rome, the lowest figure since the beginning of the emergency with three new cases. An outbreak in Anzio has been identified and circumscribed. Activities for serological tests for health workers and law enforcement agencies continue. To date, the share of 55 thousand seroprevalence tests has been exceeded with an incidence of 2.5% and thanks to the tests, 102 asymptomatic buffer positives have so far been identified promptly, the integrated system is working. The drive-in activity for tampons continues and “contact tracing” has been strengthened with an operational meeting every day with the local health authorities on tracking. There have been eight deaths in the last 24 hours to which are added five recoveries of notifications, while the total number of people healed is 3,825 in total and the total swabs performed have been around 250 thousand. They are distributed in healthcare facilities: 28,500 surgical masks, 12,800 Ffp2 masks, 1,350 Ffp3 masks, 5 thousand waterproof gowns, 1,200 boots, 2,800 gloves.

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