Coronavirus, last week of masks


“The Genoese masks will have to wear them again this week, then we plan to remove the obligation. Games in the parks? They remain off limits for children because it is impossible to supervise them all ». At the end of a hot day, the director of civil protection Sergio Gambino, takes stock of the situation on the prohibitions in the city. By now almost all the posts planted to avoid contagions and gatherings in the Phase 2 period have been demolished. The borders of the regions reopen from June 3, from now on you can ride a motorbike in two, on June 1 in Liguria the centers and holds reopen, but Genoa still applies the handbrake. «On the ordinance was written” up to ceased needs “, a technicality in order not to have to completely redo a subsequent ordinance, but we are going to remove the obligation of the masks, while the 120 games remain inaccessible for reasons related to the fact that it would not be you can check that the children respect the distances ». The sign of the mask on the cheeks (“I spent the day checking how the beaches were going”), Gambino waits for data on how many people went to the sea, but he is already thinking about the next few days, when the city will return to pre-coronavirus rhythms.”We must always keep our guard high, so even on the weekend there will be massive controls in the nightlife on respect for social distancing”, he recalls referring to the masks that, as established by the ordinance, excludes only children under the obligation from the obligation six years, people with forms of disabilities incompatible with use. For now, some more stringent anti-infection rules will remain in force in Genoa. First of all, the use of a mask, which is always mandatory outdoors, not only in parks, villas and public gardens, cemeteries and for those who walk to do physical activity, but also for those who go out to go shopping. Compulsory also on public transport, in commercial establishments, in private premises for public use (banks, post offices, medical and professional offices). Only those who do sports can do without it. “But you must always carry the mask when you go out,” again recommended Mayor Marco Bucci.
The governor Giovanni Toti, with strong encouraging data (9 people in intensive care, 233 others recovered and 7 deaths), is projected towards the revitalization of the region. «From 3 June we start again with tourism. We have prepared an extraordinary national and foreign advertising campaign that is worth many hundreds of thousands of euros to attract tourists, “he announces in the usual direct on Facebook. Toti explained that the campaign is aimed at both the neighboring regions and France, Switzerland, Germany and said he was convinced that the arrival of tourists “will help to make the season at least dignified. Hotels, bars, restaurants, factories will be able to work. The disease is fearful – Toti added – but the economic data are of no less concern. Indeed today more because the economic data are falling. We must start again – Toti concluded -, spread optimism and try to create new jobs with new consumption ».Finally, the President recalled that from tomorrow summer centers and summer nests will reopen, while from today you can move in two on a motorbike even if you are not living together, using a full-face helmet and a mask. On June 15, all amateur sport will start again, from soccer matches to dance essays, while the cinemas are still closed. “In addition, two people, even if they are not living together, will be able to sleep in the same hotel room under their responsibility”. The 2 June bridge is approaching and the Ligurians will also be able to reach relatives in the municipalities of the other regions bordering Liguria (but only for reasons of proven need), or go to the second houses to do maintenance work, with the obligation to return in the evening at your residence.

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