“Coronavirus? Laboratory error” / “It was wanted by the USA and China”



Leonardo Leone was the protagonist of the episode of Wednesday, May 27, 2020 of “Le Iene”, aired on Italy 1. The envoy Gaston Zama has created a service on the one who as an entrepreneur has become a successful “trainer” and “facilitator”, so much so that his one-to-one coaching lessons cost 20 thousand euros each. Well, according to Leo the Coronavirus would have been created in the laboratory in Wuhan and then accidentally released. “Of one thing I’m sure: Covid-19 was not born by chance. I have never accepted the thesis of the bat of the Wuhan wet market, because there is a laboratory that deals with research there and probably a test tube broke there. In fact, I say more: the experiments were deliberately made and financed by the Americans “. A thesis that clashes, however, with reality, given the recent ones tensions between the United States of America and China, with the constant attacks made by President Donald Trump on the eastern country.



Yet Leonardo Leone says he is overwhelmed with what he says in front of the cameras of “Le Iene” and on his YouTube channel. “I don’t want to go into the merits of the frictions between China and the USA, but it was certainly a mistake to break the test tubes “. The “trainer” then admitted that he did not believe the case at all and that he stopped doing it “Over 20 years ago”. “Combination the pandemic broke out precisely during the Chinese New Year and, as far as we are concerned, the combination affects most Lombardy and Veneto, the two regions that produce the highest GDP in Italy …”. Then after reiterating that the mask is dangerousLeo gives a warning to all Italians, with particular reference to his followers and proselytes: “Document yourself and don’t watch television. There is a need to clarify and get to the bottom of this thing. Throw away the TV. Better a bad lie than a good truth? After all, the mass media produce information to make profit … “.


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