“Coronavirus? Kills some people but it’s not dramatic” – Libero Quotidiano


Edward Luttwak upset the living room of Giovanni Floris, going against the tide in an analysis of the victims of coronavirus. “In America 98 thousand people died, less than a thousand a day – he said in connection with DiMartedì – which is one tenth of normal mortality. This is a disease, it kills a few people but it’s not a dramatic thing“. Open sky: protests rise immediately in the study, but Floris allows Luttwak to explain his point of view. “In all the United States, mayors and governors have decided to end it, they are tired of talking about something that does not have a high but marginal mortality. The cover of the New York Times? They are lined up and do great things to terrify people. ” In practice, Luttwak claims that the coronavirus has been politically exploited and that there is a more pressing issue than the dead: “I look at the numbers, we have closed an entire society and we risk making 30 million unemployed plus all the problems that come with it. Calculate the number of unemployed and do not tell me that it counts less than that of the deceased “.

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