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LONDON. In the midst of the storm on his close adviser, Dominic Cummings – accused of violating the lockdown to bring his son to relatives in Durham (North), 400 kilometers from London, while he also had symptoms of Covid-19 – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will evaluate new measures to ease the lockdown today to gradually bring the country back to normal after the Covid-19 pandemic. According to some advances in the British press, which cite government sources, some economic sectors could soon restart, with the reopening of non-essential goods stores, in addition to the announcement of elementary schools from 1 June.

Coronavirus, Johnson: “Primary schools reopen from June 1st”

But the Cummings case still dominates the front pages of the newspapers, with news updates on the story in the light of BoJo’s words of defense and growing political pressure on the Prime Minister to take severe measures – up to his resignation – towards his more close collaborator.

Shouted insults, heavy criticism and convictions against the controversial Cummings also rebound in the press. The Daily Mail wonders “What planet are they on?” while the Daily Mirror publishes the photo of the councilor and that of the premier with the title “A cheater and a coward”. The Guardian full-page headline: “Neither excuses nor explanations, the premier focuses everything on Cummings.” And the Daily Express he points out that “Cummings has been saved by the government that defended itself,” after Johnson’s words yesterday. The premier said that Cummings “moved by his paternal instinct had no other choice”, but made that trip “with responsibility, within the current law and with integrity”.

BoJo has not in the least succumbed to pressure from the opposition and then shared by some Tory, who criticized Downing Street’s handling of the Cummings case, warning that confirming him in his role “passes on the message that there are distinct rules for the population and government officials “. Criticisms have also come from the scientific community: the variable interpretation of the current rules in favor of one’s collaborator “undermines the efforts undertaken to curb the virus”.

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