Coronavirus Italy, what can be done from Monday 25 May region by region


Bologna, 24 May 2020 – After the progressive reopenings on May 4 and May 18, another circled in red on the calendar of Phase 2 of the Coronavirus in Italy is that of May 25. This is the day established, in the Dpcm signed by the premier Giuseppe Conte on May 17, for the reopening of gyms and swimming pools. As the rule explains, “basic sporting activity and motor activity in general carried out in gyms, swimming pools, sports centers and clubs, public and private, or in other structures where activities are carried out aimed at the individual’s well-being through physical exercise, are allowed, in compliance with the rules of social distancing and without any gathering, starting from 25 May 2020 “. Attention, however: the reopening will not concern everyone, because the decree leaves a certain autonomy to the territories: “Le Regions and the Autonomous Provinces may establish a different early or postponed date provided that they have previously ascertained the compatibility of the performance of the aforementioned activities with the trend of the epidemiological situation in their territories and that identify the applicable protocols or guidelines suitable to prevent or reduce the risk of contagion in the reference sector or in similar sectors “. So, Lombardy is Basilicata they will not reopen on May 25 but later. And even within the individual regions, there are those who choose to move in other directions. An example: in Emilia Romagna the Municipality of Bologna has decided to keep municipal gyms and swimming pools closed until 31 May. Here is how the regions move.


In Lombardy, following the order signed by the governor Attilio Fontana, the gyms will not reopen until May 31 inclusive. But even in the area most affected by the pandemic, the activities that resume work continue to increase: a Milan, after the progressive reopening of the last few days, all 94 will resume work from 25 May weekly markets according to the composition and the ordinary calendar.

Emilia Romagna

On May 25, they should have reopened bathing facilities, whose re-start was anticipated to 23. In addition to the restarts provided for by the decree (gyms, swimming pools, sports clubs), the President of the Region Stefano Bonaccini gave the green light to the reopening of course activities (foreign languages, music, photography, boating), social centers, cultural and recreational clubs, theme parks, amusement parks and amusement parks. Also reopen the b & b and, in general, the non-hotel accommodation activities and other types of accommodation.


In recent days, the Region has published guidelines for the reopening of amusement parks, museums, zoos, archaeological parks and libraries. More than to schedule the recovery, to avoid regulatory gaps in activities that could have already started again on the 18th. In the meantime we are working on a longer horizon: from June 3, residents outside the region will be able to return to Tuscany to reach their second homes.


Ok to the reopening of theme parks and entertainment areas, car, bicycle and motorbike rentals, drug informers and doctors, outdoor children’s play areas (also in shopping centers and accommodation facilities). Social centers, cultural centers and clubs can reopen and professional training for workshops, exams and tutoring will also restart. Green light also to tourist guides and mountain professions.


From May 25, by decree of the President of the Region Luca Ceriscioli, open museums, archives, libraries and other places of cultureto.


Authorized from 25 May “travel outside the region within the limits of the neighboring municipality“By those who live in those” located on the border between Umbria and other regions aimed at visiting relatives “. However, a “similar ordinance by the president of the neighboring region” is needed. Reopen for visits on Orvieto Cathedral. Other activities authorized since 25 May include i extracurricular internships even in presence: the same measure was also taken in the Lazio.

The other regions

In Campania reopen the zoo of Naples and Maitine. In Basilicata the activities of gyms, swimming pools, sports centers, swimming centers, wellness centers, spas (with the exception of those that fall within the essential levels of performance), cultural centers and clubs, social centers and leisure centers will not be allowed until 3 June. The order signed by the President of the Region Vito Bardi however, it allows “the resumption of the activities of environmental hiking guides and nature guides, without prejudice to strict compliance with the ban on gathering, as well as the interpersonal safety distance of at least one meter”. In South Tyrol the accommodations start again from 25 May.

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