Coronavirus, Italy rejects choices on school. “It was to be reopened already in May”


the school survey

the school survey
Rome, May 31, 2020 – The management of the school in the period of Covid represents the Achilles heel of the government. If so far the overall opinion on how Prime Minister Conte has dealt with the health emergency has been consistently positive, even more than 60% consensus compared to some measures, the opinions on the way the school was managed during this same period have always been critical results, with approval rates that have not exceeded 30%. The fundamental concept behind the formation of public opinion is that school is not just didactic training, but also social education and therefore with the continuation of the school lockdown young people lacked all that part of personal and social interaction which in the developmental age constitutes the first pillar of the civic growth of children and adolescents.

Precisely for these reasons 57% of the population did not share the long duration of the closure of schools and says that the gates should have been opened at least at the beginning of phase 2, that is, in May. Among other things, it is not clear why the same children and young people who can go out and visit their friends cannot return to the desks instead. So also on the experience of distance learning the judgment remains critical. 59% of parents with school-age children say it was not a good educational experience. Furthermore, a fact that should not be underestimated is that 46% of parents have noticed that the lack of school is negatively affecting the mood of their children. Once the past is archived, negative opinions do not change in the future.

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In the days the hypothesis of being able to give students the opportunity to return to school only in the past was bornlast day of the year. The proposal was rejected by the government but not by the Italians, or in particular by the parents of the pupils who in 60% would have approved this initiative. Another factor that receives negative judgments is the possibility that the reopening of the schools in September is conditioned by the possibility of reducing the lesson time from 60 to 40 minutes. In this case, the contrary opinions increase further and as many as 66% of parents say they are in complete disagreement. Among other things, they do not see their usefulness because in any case it would not reduce the risk of infection, but would only affect a lesser stay of children in school.

The only thing that brings together Italians and the government is instead the idea of ​​wearing masks in the classroom. In this case 57% share the idea of ​​the government. At the end of this year, should we be promoted and rejected or given the situation, should we proceed with rightful access to the next class? In this case, the Italians are split, but the share (46%) of those who think that it is right to reject if there are motivations is also prevailing, but only slightly, while the percentage of those who think that it is not it is correct to provide failures.

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