Coronavirus Italy | More than 100 deaths, infections in Lombardy


Coronavirus in Italy: deaths above 100 and infections mainly in Lombardy, data updated to 30 May.

Coronavirus in Italy | Deaths above 100 and infections mainly in Lombardy Data as of May 30 – (Fregene beach. Photo by TIZIANA FABI / AFP via Getty Images)

THE contagions from Covid-19 continue to decline, but Lombardy remains the region to influence the national figure with most of the new cases registered. Today, from the data released by the Civil Protection, the total new infections (which currently include positive, healed and deceased) are 416, down from +516 yesterday. A good figure, which drops below 500 units, but of which over half, 221 cases, I’m in Lombardy. The number of total infections by Coronavirus in Italy is by 232,664 cases.

There percentage of the daily increase drops to + 0.18%, down from + 0.22% yesterday. THE swabs made today are 69,342, less than 72,135 yesterday. However the relationship between infections and swabs drops to 0.59% by or, 71% yesterday. Below are the details.


Coronavirus in Italy: deaths above 100 and infections mainly in Lombardy, the updated data

It is taken up from yesterday and the drop in infections continues Coronavirus totals in Italy. While the number of patients has continued to decline and now settles on the 43,691 people sick or currently positive to the virus. A number that today has started to decline more consistently with 2,484 fewer patients, more than 1,811 yesterday. Also i healed, today with 2,789 more cases from 2,240 yesterday. The total number of healed rises to 155,633 since the beginning of the epidemic.

Unfortunately, today’s negative figure is one new rise in the number of dead, which returned to over 100 daily cases, after two days at 70 and 87 daily deaths. Today there are 111 dead, of which 67 in Lombardy alone, which also in this case influences the national data. Overall deaths from Covid-19 in Italy rise to 33,340 since the beginning of the epidemic.


Covid-19 cases in Italy updated to Saturday 30 May 2020

  • 43691 currently positive at Covid-19: -2,484 cases since May 29 (1,811 cases decreased yesterday, 2,980 cases Thursday, 1,976 cases Wednesday, 2,358 cases Tuesday, 1,294 cases Monday, 1,158 cases Sunday, 1,570 cases Saturday, 1,638 cases Friday, 1,738 cases Thursday, 1,792 cases Thursday, 2,377 Wednesdays cases, Tuesday of 1,424 cases, Monday of 1,798 cases, Sunday of 1,836, Saturday of 1,883 cases, Friday of 4,370, Thursday of 2,017 cases, Wednesday of 2,809 cases, Tuesday 1,222 cases, Monday of 836 cases, Sunday of 1,518 cases, Saturday of 3,119 cases, Friday 8 May of 1,663, Thursday -1,904 cases, Wednesday -6,939, Tuesday -1,513 cases, Monday -199 cases, Sunday -525, Saturday -239, Friday 1 May -608 cases);
  • 155,633 the healed: equal to +2,789 since yesterday;
  • 33,340 the dead: equal to +111

The overall number of Covid-19 infections in Italy since the beginning of the epidemic it exceeds 232 thousand cases, equal to 232,664 total casescompared to 232,248 yesterday.

Between 43,691 Coronavirus positive as of May 29:

  • 35561 They are in home isolation (-3.045 in one day)
  • 6,680 I’m hospitalized with symptoms (-414 patients in one day)
  • 450 I’m in intensive care (yesterday they were 475, -25 in one day).

Excellent numbers on the continuous drops of patients in hospital and in home isolation. in ordinary hospital wards the Covid patients drop below 7 thousand units. While the positives in isolation at home drop by over 3 thousand units.

The distribution of Covid-19 cases on a regional basis as of May 30, 2020.

The detachment of the Lombardy from the rest of Italy it is increasingly evident in the number of new total daily infections, which today in the region rise by 221 cases, less than the 354 yesterday and 382 the day before yesterday, but which are more than half of the national figure, which is 416 cases. The total number of infections in Lombardy rises to 88,758 since the beginning of the epidemic. Today there is also a recovery of the infections in Piedmont, that go up by 82 cases from yesterday’s +56. It is no coincidence that it is the second region of Italy. In Piedmont the infections reach i 30,583 since the beginning of the epidemic. The third region for contagions in Italy is theEmilia Romagna, which marks today +20 cases, down from 38 yesterday, for a total number of 27,759 cases since the beginning of the epidemic. Instead, go back up the hill Liguria, today with 32 more new cases, the third increase in Italy after Lombardy and Piedmont. Then we have the Campania with +10 new cases. While all the other regions are under 10 cases per day. The zero-contagion regions Today I am: Abruzzo, Umbria, Sardinia, Calabria, Molise is Basilicata.

As we said above, with his 67 dead, the Lombardy affects the national figure. While there are today well 11 regions with zero deaths: Campania, Puglia, Trentino Alto Adige (Provinces of Trento and Bolzano), Friuli Venezia Giulia, Abruzzo, Umbria, Sardinia, Aosta Valley, Calabria, Molise and Basilicata. The other deaths register in: Piedmont 7, Emilia Romagna 5, Veneto 10, Tuscany 6, Liguria 7, Lazio 7, Brands 1, Sicily 1.

The Covid-19 pandemic

The numbers of the pandemic of COVID-19 have arrived at 6 million infections worldwide, while I’m over 366 thousand deaths. The United States has exceeded 1 million 750 thousand infections and i 103 thousand dead, with over 29 thousand deaths in New York, where however the epidemic is decreasing. There France is fourth in the world for deaths with over 28 thousand cases, but soon it could be overcome by Brazil which sees its deaths increase exponentially, with over 27,800 deaths. The country is al second place in the world for infections, with over 465 thousand cases. In third place is the Russia with 396 thousand infections, follows the UK with more than 274 thousand infections, second country in the world and first in Europe for dead, with over 38 thousand.

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Information updated in real time on the diffusion of Covid-19 cases in Italy you can find them on website of the Ministry of Health.

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Coronavirus in Italy | Deaths above 100 and infections mainly in Lombardy Data as of May 30 – (Manifestation of young doctors in Milan. Photo by PIERO CRUCIATTI / AFP via Getty Images)

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