Coronavirus Italia, the news on Phase 2 and the infections of today 27 May. DIRECT


In Peru records of contagions in 24 hours at 5,772

Peru’s ministry of health (Minsa) has reported that 5,772 new cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed yesterday, the highest number since the ‘zero’ patient was located in early March. The newspaper The Republic, specifying that the total infections are now 129,751, recalls that the previous record of cases (4,749) had been recorded on May 21 last. Second behind Brazil in the statistics regarding the coronavirus pandemic in Latin America, Peru must also deal with a very high number of deaths which, with 159 yesterday, reached 3,788. The Peruvian capital, Lima, is the location with the highest number of infections (80,882) while the least affected area is the Apurimac department in the south, with just 146 cases. THE DIFFUSION OF THE VIRUS IN THE WORLD

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