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Abi: “Yesterday 28,000 applications to the Guarantee Fund, + € 1bn”

Applications to the Guarantee Fund by banks, in order to be able to provide loans to SMEs and VAT numbers, increased yesterday by 28,000 to over 357,000, “for loans requested of around 16 billion (15,903), a billion more in a single day “. The Italian Banking Association communicates this in a note. “Of these, applications for loans of up to 25,000 euros have become 323,000 (+27,000 in a single day), for 6.7 billion in funding requested”. The ABI “underlines that these important and growing data must be added with those much greater than the moratoriums to families and businesses that also continue to grow”, and “reiterates a warm thanks to all those who are engaged in banks in these impressive activities that they play in a still emergency phase “.

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