Coronavirus investigation commission in Lombardy, another black smoke: controversy


“Against the indication of the name of Jacopo Scandella as a minority proposal, the majority preferred to delay the start of the commission’s work again by missing the quorum necessary for the election of the president “. They declare it in a joint note Democratic party is 5 star movement after the second black smoke in the regional council for the election of the president of the commission of inquiry on the management of the Covid emergency.

The indication of the Bergamo regional councilor of the Democratic Party, originally from Valseriana so affected by the virus, “was clear from the first session – the note continues -. Today’s events do not change the matter, Scandella remains the candidate indicated by the minorities. We hope that the delaying tactic can stop before the evidence of a candidacy that for profile, territorial origin and guarantee of institutional correctness cannot receive any contestation. Next Tuesday, when the Commission is reconvened, we expect the matter to be resolved and we can finally start working. “

The reply

“We are firmly in favor of the Regional Commission of Inquiry, all that is needed for transparency towards citizens will always agree with us. However, a person who gives sufficient guarantees of fairness must guide it, “he replies Roberto Anelli, Bergamo group leader of the League in the Lombardy Region.

“Precisely because the Commission of Inquiry will have to work seriously and flawlessly – stresses Anelli – it is essential that his work is not influenced by the risk of political exploitation. The fact that the Group of the Democratic Party has brought, in a delicate moment such as the days of preparation for the establishment of this Commission, a motion of no confidence against the Councilor for Health, shows how the presidency of the Commission should go to whoever gives greater guarantees of objectivity and equity. We believe there are other authoritative members of the opposition who can play the role of President “.

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