Coronavirus, intensive care and beds: this is how the hospital network changes


The Ministry of Health reorganizes the Italian hospital network for Covid-19 emergency. With a circular yesterday, signed by the general managers Andrea Urbani and Rossana Ugenti, a “response was prepared to the significant increase in the demand for assistance linked to the continuation of the Covid-19 infectious disease situation, to its outcomes and to any sudden increase in the curve. epidemic, as well as for possible and further epidemic emergencies “.

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The reorganization foresees an equitable distribution of the hospital offer of the territories. For each region and autonomous province, “the structural increase determines a homogeneous allocation on the national territory equal to 0.14 beds per thousand inhabitants, which includes the adaptation of intensive care beds in the pediatric Hub centers”, reads in the measure. With regard to semi-intensive therapy, for at least 50% of the beds, “the possibility of immediate conversion of the individual workstations with the necessary invasive ventilation and monitoring instruments must be provided and for the remaining 50% equipped with non-invasive fans, as well as with the necessary ability to obtain forms of interdisciplinary collaboration appropriate to the criticality and complexity of the patient, also in the pediatric field “.

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In order to meet the increased care demand, Health provides that a portion of “beds in the medical area, acute and post-acute cases, must be made available for the management of Covd-19 patients, respecting the separation of the pathways. both ordinary and under infectious disease treatment for assistance including the various non-invasive methods of administering oxygen “. This should also happen, with similar criteria, for Pediatric beds.

The circular contains a table on how to strengthen the beds in the individual regions. In total, ICU places are 5,179, 8,679 will increase with the addition of 3,500 new beds. The places in the semi-intensive throughout Italy are 4,225.

But we see the capacity in some regions. In Lombardy the number of emergency beds is now 861 but will increase by 585 to 1446, while for the semi-intensive the offer is 704. In Piedmont where there are 327 intensive care beds, 299 will be created for a total of 626 while 305 is the capacity of the semi intensive. In Lazio there are 571 intensive places which will become 845 adding 271, compared to 412 semi intensive places. In Campania there are 335 places in the intensive, plus 499 added to 834, with 406 in semi intensive. In Sicily there are 418 in intensive, plus 301 will reach 719 with 350 in semi intensive.DOWNLOAD THE DOCUMENT

As a further parachute, in view of further temporary peaks in the need for beds in critical areas in specific territorial areas, another 300 beds will also be made available, divided into four movable structures, each of which has 75 beds, which in case of need, they can be allocated in areas previously identified by each region and autonomous province.

The reorganization also involves emergency rooms, which have undergone an important influx of accesses. To separate the paths between Covid and non-Covid, areas of patient permanence will be created awaiting diagnosis that guarantee the separation and safety criteria.

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