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The positives, in total, in Veneto are 19,134, seven more cases than yesterday’s health report. But the currently positive cases are 1,849. There are 15,379 negative people, i.e. the healed, while there are 1,984 people currently in isolation. In total, there are 414 inmates, 31 in intensive care. In total, there are 1,906 deaths to date: three more dead than yesterday (Padua, Vicenza and Negrar). The province with the most infections Verona with 5,093.

First municipal council in Treviso after the lockdown (Paolo Balanza)
First municipal council in Treviso after the lockdown (Paolo Balanza)

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Venice, the embrace of the tricolor arrows
12.27: Padua and Verona, the protest of the gray coats

They call themselves “gray coats”. They are professionally qualified medical graduates who are unable to access specialization scholarships. This morning they demonstrated in Padua in Piazza Garibaldi and in Verona in Piazza Bra, simultaneously with 20 other Italian cities. Not only a cry of struggle against the precariousness of those who sacrificed six years of study to become a doctor, but also a warning: the national health system is collapsing, we want to protect it. The boys began the protest with a minute’s silence for the Covid-19 victims and closed by taking off their shirts and placing it on the ground, a symbolic gesture that encloses all their frustration. On September 22nd there will be the test – explains Leonardo Niero, 26 year old student of the sixth year – There are 14 thousand scholarships for 25 thousand candidates, this means that ten thousand will remain in the limbo of precariousness. Precariousness for a qualified and unskilled doctor means being able to work as a medical guard, sports doctor at individual events or in tourist villages. It happens that they tell you to go to the doctor to a football game and the compensation is pizza and beer with the team – continues Niero – Or again, who offer food and accommodation in a tourist resort. So you don’t get serious compensation and you have big responsibilities. A situation, according to the demonstrators, which favors the advancement of the private sector and the brain drain abroad, leaving the hospitals empty. We saw what happened with the coronavirus, didn’t we? – adds Enrico Caccin, also a student – Doctors have been called from retirement, with a high cost because they have to be paid as freelancers, and the trainees have ended up on the front line, also accused of being unctors. There is no shortage of doctors, we are there. Specialty bags are missing. (Silvia Moranduzzo)

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