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The positives, in total, in Veneto are 19,134, seven more cases than yesterday’s health report. But the currently positive cases are 1,849. There are 15,379 negative people, i.e. the healed, while there are 1,984 people currently in isolation. In total, there are 414 inmates, 31 in intensive care. In total, there are 1,906 deaths to date: three more dead than yesterday (Padua, Vicenza and Negrar). The province with the most infections Verona with 5,093.

First municipal council in Treviso after the lockdown (Paolo Balanza)
First municipal council in Treviso after the lockdown (Paolo Balanza)

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Venice, the embrace of the tricolor arrows
3pm: prisoners donate masks to Ulss of Venice

The Giudecca inmates and the prisoners of the Due Palazzi prison in Padua donated a thousand kits consisting of masks and sanitizing gel to the Aulss 3 Serenissima in Venice. The handover ceremony that took place at the Angelo Mestre hospital. Promoters of the initiative are two cooperatives that have been working inside the two prisons for years, Giotto at Due Palazzi and the Rio Tera ‘coop of thoughts at Giudecca. We receive a donation full of meaning – underlined the CEO Giuseppe Dal Ben – Imagine to allocate these masks produced by people, who despite having made mistakes, are trying to reconstruct their lives to those equally special people who help us in these days in hospital entrance management. It seems nice to us to link the recovery work behind the creation of the masks and the sanitizing gel, and the reception work that is carried out to manage access to our structure in safety.

14.13: Verona, first results of multidisciplinary project

It’s called Knowing to Defeat Him, Alliance against Covid-19 (Enact), an original scientific medical research project, started last April in Verona, which is addressing the pandemic emergency from Coronavirus with an integrated and multidisciplinary approach, with the It aims to define clinical-epidemiological, virological and immunological parameters capable of clarifying the mechanisms used by the virus to spread and cause such a devastating disease. It also represents an innovative model of collaboration between academic scientific research and private financiers. Funded by the Cariverona Foundation with 2 million euros and co-financed by the Tim Foundation with 250 thousand euros, Enact can therefore count on huge resources made available in a short time, involving various groups of the University of Verona, in collaboration with the Hospital University, capable of ensuring scientific competence and an unprecedented multi-disciplinary approach.

13.27: Zaia, via the obligation of the mask outdoors from Monday

From June 1st in Veneto they will no longer be mandatory outdoors. The obligation remains indoors (like bars and shops) and outdoors if there is a crowd (like at the market). This was said by Luca Zaia, who is preparing to sign a new ordinance in the afternoon which will be valid from Monday and will run until June 15. From Monday – Zaia pointed out – you wear the mask in closed places, in bars and restaurants or where there is a crowd, which means that when you go walking you don’t use it, but you carry it with you if you meet someone you can wear. From June 1st the spa and wellness centers will reopen. For summer camps, we have solved a Dpcm vulnus. Whoever manages the private center sends a form that we attach to the Municipality. a very simplified view because we are sure that those who open commit themselves in writing to apply the guidelines. a second round of control is useless, also because we have parents who are informed.

13.02: three dead in the night

The positives, in total, in Veneto are 19,134, seven more cases than yesterday’s health report. But the currently positive cases are 1,849. There are 15,379 negative people, i.e. the healed, while there are 1,984 people currently in isolation. In total, there are 414 inmates, 31 in intensive care. In total, there are 1,906 deaths to date: three more dead than yesterday (Padua, Vicenza and Negrar). The province with the most infections Verona with 5,093.

The protest in Padua (Marco Bergamaschi)
The protest in Padua (Marco Bergamaschi)

12.27: Padua and Verona, the protest of the gray coats

They call themselves “gray coats”. They are professionally qualified medical graduates who are unable to access specialization scholarships. This morning they demonstrated in Padua in Piazza Garibaldi and in Verona in Piazza Bra, simultaneously with 20 other Italian cities. Not only a cry of struggle against the precariousness of those who sacrificed six years of study to become a doctor, but also a warning: the national health system is collapsing, we want to protect it. The boys began the protest with a minute’s silence for the Covid-19 victims and closed by taking off their shirts and placing it on the ground, a symbolic gesture that encloses all their frustration. On September 22nd there will be the test – explains Leonardo Niero, 26 year old student of the sixth year – There are 14 thousand scholarships for 25 thousand candidates, this means that ten thousand will remain in the limbo of precariousness. Precariousness for a qualified and unskilled doctor means being able to work as a medical guard, sports doctor at individual events or in tourist villages. It happens that they tell you to go to the doctor to a football game and the compensation is pizza and beer with the team – continues Niero – Or again, who offer food and accommodation in a tourist resort. So you don’t get serious compensation and you have big responsibilities. A situation, according to the demonstrators, which favors the advancement of the private sector and the brain drain abroad, leaving the hospitals empty. We saw what happened with the coronavirus, didn’t we? – adds Enrico Caccin, also a student – Doctors have been called from retirement, with a high cost because they have to be paid as freelancers, and the trainees have ended up on the front line, also accused of being unctors. There is no shortage of doctors, we are there. Specialty bags are missing. (Silvia Moranduzzo)

11.45: the tourist season in Bibione starts, 70% of reservations

Bibione’s tourist season begins tomorrow with over 70% of bookings between hotels, villages and apartments already under its belt. We see the light again after a very sad period of great uncertainty – confirms Giuliana Basso, president of Bibione Live – but we had no doubts that we would reopen. And in fact it starts with just two weeks late. The web-app for the free and equipped beach is making its online booking of umbrellas between spaces that far exceed the ten square meters of the law: ranging from 16 m2 to 64 m2, without price increases. We are sure we can count on the sense of responsibility of tourists – explains the mayor of the locality, Pasqualino Codognotto – The data are used only for traceability, they will be encrypted and consulted only in case of contagion.

11.34 am: Variati, first 900 million in liquidation for the Municipalities

Are the first 900 million euros for municipalities and 150 million euros for provinces and cities in liquidation? Metros. The government accepted the Mayors’ cry of pain and did so very quickly: ten days from the publication of the relaunch decree, as we had promised. This was stated by Undersecretary for the Interior Achille Variati. Over 83 million of these funds are foreseen for Veneto alone, Variati recalls, stressing that this is a tangible sign of efficiency and speed, and above all of respect for the needs of the territories. In the next few hours, local authorities will receive the first advance on the additional extraordinary contributions allocated in the relaunch decree. They will serve to support administrations in guaranteeing fundamental services for citizens, services that would have been skipped due to the lower revenues that bodies are recording for the emergency. The second good news – Variati announces – that the remaining 70% will arrive in just over a month, in early July. In the meantime, all red areas will be included in Parliament with specific and additional measures. And there is also a third good news – Variati concludes -. Yesterday, at the end of the discussion with the representation of the Mayors, the Prime Minister Conte undertook to insert in the next decrees other resources for local authorities for around 3 billion, thus doubling the figures allocated in May.

10.42: at work (secretly) even if in layoffs

In layoffs but at work. The only apparent oxymoron. And yes, in fact it entails the crime of fraud against the State with penal consequences for both the employer and the worker. It had already happened after the crisis of ten years ago but in that case, to uncover this practice, – explained Fabio Dal Cortivo of the regional CISL staff – it was easier to report for the workers whose company had then closed its doors. Today, however, find someone who is exposed impossible. The phenomenon, buried by a blanket of omert, for a given fact and the alibi of smart working is perfect for getting around the controls. So say, with microphones rigorously turned off, many professionals with friends or business customers. I don’t want to justify them – explains one of the professionals mentioned above – but somehow the restaurateur, the owner of an IT company, must be understood. They arrive, also psychologically, from a long season of enormous tax burden, with the lockdown they ask for layoffs which, to date, in some cases has not yet arrived.

10.17: the Emir’s hospital? A huge empty tent

Who knows, perhaps the director of the USL of Padua Domenico Scibetta was right, when he claimed that the large mobile hospital donated by Qatar to the Veneto Region would have scared Covid-19 a bit like scarecrows do with birds on the fields. Certainly not much more: despite arriving a month and a half ago and editing in Schiavonia has been over for two weeks (but finished, as we will see, not quite the right word), to date not only does not host and has not hosted no patient, but not even equipped with the beds, machinery, furnishings. There is no lack of flooring. In short, empty.

10.11: Padua, assault on bike shops: unobtainable e-bikes

If the past years were the images of the Giro D’Italia to be the driving force for those approaching the bicycle in May, the same period of 2020, although orphaned by the pink race, will be remembered for the boom in sales of two-person vehicles wheels of the post lockdown. With the start of Phase 2 in the Paduan area, as in the rest of the Italian provinces, the rush to buy. From the classic city-bikes to pedal-assisted vehicles, from those for the top-of-the-range dirt track sought by cyclists, compared to the spring of 2019, the stores recorded more than double the sales. The reasons? First of all, the mobility bonus (60% of the cost) contained in the Relaunch Decree which has sparked curiosity about the purchase especially by families or newbies who take advantage of it to get closer to the world of two wheels.

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